🌱 Wildlife Baby Shower + SDPD GAT + SDUSD teachers are gone

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Here are some of the most important stories in today’s San Diego:

  1. Injured and orphaned babies need your help to get a second chance at life. That’s why the San Diego Humane Society Project Wildlife Program hosts the annual Wildlife Baby Shower every spring. This year’s event will be virtual and the Society is asking the public to donate from the Society’s baby records. “The generosity of the community will help provide these babies with adequate care to keep them healthy and strong before they are released back into the wild,” said Jon Enyart, the company’s director of wildlife medicine. “Every donated heating pad, bag of bird seeds and box of baby food is a life-saving change and we are very grateful for the support.” The Company is waiting for the arrival of spring babies, ducklings, hummingbirds, rabbits, raccoons and other babies in the spring. For more information, click the parentheses, and then click the link. (San Diego Patch)
  2. Police recently found an ammunition tank and several pistols in the car during a traffic stop. The driver claimed he built them. Police found a loaded 9mm ghost gun, a ghost AR15 machine gun, and drugs. The driver was arrested and the Ghost gun Apprehension Team (GAT) marched to the scene. GAT detectives found gun-making equipment, templates, gun-making manuals, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, several guns and drugs in the driver’s home. For more information, click the parentheses, and then click the link. (Facebook)
  3. 99 percent of San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) employees are either fully vaccinated or relieved of their duties.. Employees who have not served their duties have now been dismissed. Let Them Breathe said resources are available for those who want to know more about their rights. For more information, click the parentheses, and then click the link. (CBS News 8)

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  • San Diego Zoo: “Put your hand up if you’re obsessed, Indah’s condition keeps improving and wildlife professionals provide a frequent opportunity for bondage between Kaja and Kaja. As long as you decide to continue maternal care, our professionals will provide special care for this fuzzy little man.” (Instagram)
  • San Diego Human Society: “It’s incredible to see what transformation a rescued pet goes through if you get a second chance! The SDHS Alum Bandida is now a happy and confident dog, thanks to the devotion and patience of its adoptive mother. how does a butterfly experience this and make friends (of all races) wherever it goes! ” (Facebook)
  • San Diego Botanical Gardens: “Because there are so many flowers this winter season, pollinators are flying in the garden! How many did you notice during your visit?” (Facebook)
  • San Diego Central Library: “Want to create a new career path? Need help finding a job? Give a message to the dedicated team at the Central Library Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch Career Center! These people can help refine your resume and point to great resources in the city, providing access to San Diego. i work programs and much more. ” (Facebook)
  • San Diego County Cycling Coalition: “Hey, people! Are you cycling? Worried about riding in traffic? There will be a free cycling safety lesson in Carlsbad on January 29. If you’ve already attended Smart Cycling Training 1, you can join this Session 2 of the 2-Part Qualification Course (Road Section) (Facebook)
  • Free smoke alarms for the elderly – The Burn Institute. (Burn Institute)

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