5 tips for finding the perfect garden planter

Now that you’ve spent all of Kentucky Derby weekend and a few after work evenings here and there getting your garden in shape, you can step back and see where the holes are, where you might need a pop of color or texture or where your garden just needs a little energy boost.

And there’s no better way to accomplish all these things than by adding some planted containers.

Containers can add so much color, texture and just plain old “wow” to the summer garden. But done wrong, they can make you a cranky gardener. And nobody wants to be a cranky gardener. So here are a few basic tips to help you get the most out of your planted containers.

Why you should pick big containers for your garden plants

Planting one type of plant per container and then mixing together the containers can take much of the guesswork out of beautiful container displays.

Small containers are quite simply a pain in the neck. Those 8-inch or 10-inch plastic hanging baskets that look so tempting in the garden center in May rarely look that good after a few weeks in the garden. Now annuals grow so aggressively that the pots quickly turn into a solid mass of roots that, when fully and judiciously irrigated, remain well hydrated for as long as it takes you to wind up the hose on the hose reel.