7 common causes of tree destruction and avoidance

Our landscapes rarely die of old age. There is usually something we have done or missed that will shorten the life of our landscapes. Sometimes it is easy to forget that these are living things that must meet certain conditions in order to thrive. The science of growing healthy wood is often overlooked for convenience. Hopefully we can take better care of our canopy by avoiding the following mistakes.

You do not give enough water to the tree after planting. In the nursery, a tree is watered several times a day with a separate water source that goes directly into the tank. In order for a newly planted tree to settle in the landscape, it needs water that needs to be delivered directly to the root ball. The same irrigation that you provide to your lawn through irrigation equipment is not enough. A newly planted tree should apply at least 2-3 gallons to every inch of trunk diameter. For a typical 2-inch-diameter tree that would be 4-6 gallons every day for a month, every other day for three months, and then every week until it stops. The larger the tree, the longer the watering period.

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