About Gardening: The Year of Hardy Hibiscus in 2021 was a sensational success Gardening

Garden Guy would like to officially declare 2022 the year of Hardy Hibiscus. I don’t know how the National Garden Bureau judges the success of a particular year’s celebration, but I feel like Summerific French Vanilla helped Old Norm get out of the park in 2021!

One of my best friends in Louisiana visited southern pilot sites and excitedly sent me a photo of Summerific French Vanilla at Mississippi State University at the Truck Crops Branch pilot station in Crystal Springs. Although the French vanilla debuted in 2021, I was lucky enough to get one. The first flowering showed why he was so excited.

It wasn’t hard to see a little of that native DNA, but it’s very far from the hibiscus in the Mississippi Trench. French vanilla is the perfect name for this new flower in the Summerific series. Creamy, beautiful, ruffled, wavy textured floral portrait with burgundy eyes and incredible beauty. I dare say there is no white tropical hibiscus that matches its elegance.

At the beginning of last spring, I was still growing only the Summerific Holy Grail. In addition to the French vanilla, I also added the new Spinderella and the absolutely gorgeous Berry Awesome from the Summerific series. Garden Guy is sunny, so there will never be catalog-type photos with 50 flowers on a bush. Mine, though, is beautiful and is an integral part of the partnerships I have created.

The new Summerific Spinderella gives it a windmill-like look. It can best be described as white hibiscus, with swirling pink accented edges and dark red eyes. The Spinderella is slightly larger, 54 inches and 60 inches wide. I grew mine near Heart to Hear Tickle Me Pink caladium, hydrangea and azalea.

I use the Summerific Holy Grail in several ways. First of all, there are a couple in the background of my pollination garden that I think really look like a perennial garden. Although spectacular, the deep scarlet bloom and dark foliage also show partnerships. I also use it for a walk that leads to a swing in a tropical setting with bananas and elephant ears.

Finally, I mentioned Summerific Berry Awesome as beautiful, and that’s undoubtedly the reason why Proven Winners is the most popular product. The flowers are dark lavender pink with red eyes. In one area, her main partner was lime green from the fancy sweet potatoes of Sweet Caroline Illusion Emerald Lace. In another area, there is an Aqua Blue container full of annual plants in the distance, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Just think that these colorful 7-8 inch blooms will be year after year as they are perennials from zones 4-9. Many will be happy to know that these are not on Bambi’s menu. Almost the whole country can admire their beauty. Choose plenty of sunny places. I have already mentioned the dilemma of changing morning sunshine and filtered afternoon light. It could be a little better, but The Garden Guy is thrilled with the performance.

These hibiscuses bloom when they grow new, so it’s important to keep them growing. My flowering lasted from mid-June to the end of August, so we have good reason to provide what they need. We do not need a superbloom type fertilizer, but one that dissolves slowly and is balanced. I use light apps every four to six weeks, so check the recipe recommendations. Feeding is especially important if the hibiscus is grown as a thriller plant in a mixed pot that is watered daily. These nutrients are eliminated fairly quickly, so make feeding a regular part of your diet.

Garden Guy hopes to try more Summerific hibiscus around him and plans his partners like a salvia for the most fun and enjoyment. I hope I get my hands on Summerific Valentine’s Crush, which will debut in 2023.


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