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One of the things that has been asked during the last two years of living with COVID-19 has been, “When will we get back to normal?” However, no one seems to be able to tell us what “normal” is or when it might happen!

This is a January day. It is cold, it is snowing and blowing and adding several inches of snow to the top of the many inches we got last week. Road crews are out doing their best to get roads open and keep them that way for those who must travel. They are tired and exhausted from the long hours they have been working.

Schools are closed, activities canceled and people are encouraged to stay home unless their travel is necessary. This type of weather happens every year in January. That’s normal.

Dairy farmers have milked, fed and cared for their cows every day during COVID-19. They hope when they start out their day that equipment will be working and the day won’t give them too many problems to deal with. In the areas with bad weather, they need tractors that will start and snow plows working so they can get the milk trucks in to pick up their milk.

They are hoping that their best cow that is calving will have a healthy heifer calf and no problems. They are always hoping for an increase in the price they receive for their milk. That’s normal.

Other farmers have their seed, fertilizer and spray ordered early. Now, if they can just afford the fuel to run their tractors! They have been working on their equipment, making sure everything is in good shape. They are anxiously awaiting that day when the ground is ready and the weather cooperates and allows them to head for the fields to prepare for spring planting. That’s normal.

This past weekend in the National Football League playoffs were held in different cities. Stadiums were filled with screaming fans cheering on their favorite teams and forgetting for a while the problems that everyone has been dealing with.

There were tailgate parties and friends gathering together in their homes to enjoy food, friendship and the games. Next weekend will bring more playoff games and then it will be on the excitement of the Super Bowl game. That’s normal.

Valentine’s Day is on the way. Stores and businesses are decorated with lots of “red”. There are ads for special getaways, special dinners and lots of candy, cards and flowers on display. Husbands and boyfriends had best take notice! It happens on Feb. 14 every year. That’s normal.

Dedicated gardeners have their seeds ordered and plants started. They are thinking about what they want to plant and how they want to lay out their garden. The jars and freezer containers filled from last year’s garden are almost all empty. Food prices are going up and that garden produce is healthy, tastes so good and will help a lot. That’s normal.

The dreaded words “income tax” are coming up in advertisements and conversation. All the bills, receipts and necessary paperwork must be gathered up. And the tax must be paid. That’s normal.

There are many problems that people throughout this country must deal with. It has been that way ever since the Pilgrims walked off the Mayflower and settled in this country. In spite of all the many problems and unexpected things that occur every day, there are so many things that are “normal” as we live each day.

Just as has happened every year that we know of, spring is once again on the way. Everyone is looking forward to it and hoping that the omicron virus will ease up and that those who are dealing with it will get better. People everywhere are hoping to be able to make plans and enjoy the freedom of participating in activities. Whatever happens, we will continue to live our lives the best we can. That’s normal.

Barb Lumley wrote this column to be published in The Circleville Herald. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.


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