Black Friday Vitamix blender sale – best savings on the professional-grade blender |

Black Friday Vitamix sales are the ideal time to invest in a high-powered blender to take your food prep to the max. A powerhouse blender brand, Vitamix is ​​renowned for aircraft-grade stainless-steel blades, a unique ‘vortex’ system that channels ingredients for perfect blending, and a cool-running motor that won’t burn hot however hard and fast you are blending.

We’ve tested the best blenders on the market, and Vitamix consistently ranks high for its quality, longevity, and all-round power. As we found in our Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender review, this premium model is capable of producing some of the best smoothies, soups, and dips our tester had ever made in her home kitchen. In fact, her verdict was that ‘home chefs and those who care about quality American-made appliances should look no further’.

Vitamix is ​​a premium brand and a higher price tag than some other blenders, so these Black Friday offers are the ideal time to invest in a trusted appliance that will upgrade your kitchen today.

  • Amazon (opens in new tab): Save up to $120 off the Vitamix Explorian blender, plus more Vitamix deals
  • Best Buy: (opens in new tab)One of the best Vitamix offers, with $125 off the usual price of the Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series, down to $574.95
  • Target (opens in new tab): Find a range of deals on Vitamix blenders when you shop online
  • Walmart (opens in new tab): Want to save up to $200 on a Vitamix blender? This is the place
  • Wayfair (opens in new tab): Black Friday deals across the Vitamix products, including blenders, immersion blenders and accessories
  • Sur La Table (opens in new tab): Save almost $160 when you buy the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender
  • ABT (opens in new tab): Sales across the Vitamix Explorian and Ascent models

Best Vitamix blender deals

With a range of great Black Friday deals on Vitamix blenders, you’ll want to check out the features, power and accessories on offer so you can decide which Vitamix blender you should buy. And if you’re deliberating between Vitamix and other brands, our analysis of Vitamix vs Ninja Blenders and our comparison between Vitamix vs Blendtec Blenders will help you decide the best option for you for Black Friday and beyond.

If Vitamix is ​​your choice, follow our edit of the best Black Friday deals on offer right now.

Is the Vitamix Blender worth the money?

Vitamix is ​​an American-owned family company that has been making blenders since 1937. That legacy is built on producing high-performance kitchen appliances that combine solid materials, like the stainless-steel cutting blades, with the latest in smart technology, such as wireless connectivity.

Other brands, such as Ninja and Blendtec, produce blenders with similar specifications, so it’s worth comparing models to find the functionality you require. However, Vitamix is ​​consistently highly rated, both by customers and our own Homes & Gardens blender reviews, for performance, power and ease of use.

What can you do with a Vitamix?

A Vitamix blender consists of a base, which contains the motor; the cutting and blending system, which includes stainless-steel cutting blades and hammerhead; and a container, which is where ingredients are placed for blending.

A Vitamix has various speed settings, which allow you to refine the texture of your food, from chunky to smooth. There are also various programs tailored to frozen, hot and ambient temperatures. It means you can blend frozen fruit and vegetables for a smoothie, create smooth soups, creamy dips, or chunky salsas. You can whiz up a jug of frozen mojitos, too!

Vitamix also offers a range of accessories, including blending cups and bowls, stainless steel containers, and food processor attachments, so you can build your own bespoke blending system.