Blooming annuals can throw up the harsh conservatory

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Many annual flowering plants do not tolerate Florida heat, but can withstand colder weather. When your flowering plants begin to die, replace them with any of the following, which can only survive the winter.

These plants bloom best in places exposed to full sunlight, which is exposed to at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. It can be a great choice to add color to the landscape, in or around the vegetable garden, or in containers on the porch.

Petunias color the planting bed and look great from a hanging basket or falling to the side of a pot.

Petunias low-growing, dormant annual flowers that produce large flowers that are available in many colors. To prolong the life and flowering period of the plants, peel off the worn flowers and wear gloves if you do not want the flowers to contaminate your fingers. Destroying plants will help you look more colorful and tidy. Petunias look good from the hanging basket or over the side of the container as well.

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