Container gardening for food production

More and more people are experimenting with growing fresh food with container gardening.

Growing fresh food is not just for farmers and those living in rural areas that provide enough space for gardening. Gardening and growing your own food is for anyone who is interested in getting the freshest food possible, and you can do so through container gardens.

A pot that throws up a small space no longer just consists of a pot or two of geranium, a tall thorn, or a grape pulling into a stalk. At one time, these tanks were just a stain and something to cultivate. These pots were great for those who lived in smaller places; they gave color, texture, and really tossed up small, outdoor living spaces. The terraces, front porches and back decks housed these traditional containers. These pots are still great, but not 2017 pots. In the 2017 pot, the food is grown. They may be growing colorful annuals, or the color and texture may come from the leaves, fruits, and flowers of fruits and vegetables grown for food.

People are experimenting with growing more fruits and vegetables in containers, grids and in a limited space. Some examples are upside down hanging baskets or buckets of tomatoes, sweet corn on board and herbs in the window boxes. Due to the growing interest in fresh, local food, dining locally cannot be more local than your own veranda or terrace. Cultivated products and herbs are at an all-time high. Horticultural centers accumulate plants and seeds for traditional gardeners as well as those with limited space for gardening and container gardens.

Anything goes during container gardening. I used the beet leaves as a colorful, tall middle piece in my flowering annuals; it’s nice all summer and I harvest the carrots at the end of the season. I always grow my herbs in different pots right in front of my kitchen door. Nice, sunny place, I can go out and take out what I need for cooking and grilling. Since my pots are in a place where I cook, I use more fresh herbs than I would if I had to go out into the garden.

When flipping through the latest seed catalogs and horticultural magazines, there is a wealth of information on growing vegetables in a container on the patio or deck that used to take up quite a bit of space in your home garden. This is becoming fashionable even for those who have a place to garden but love the simplicity of vertical cultivation and the reduction of work in a traditional garden.

Container gardening for food is not just a fad; Growing food creatively stays here. More and more people living in apartments, condominiums and other cramped spaces are experimenting with growing fresh food on their patios, patios and balconies. Seed companies have kept pace with this trend while constantly developing varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs that grow in containers. They are also making videos to help consumers learn more about growing in containers. Burpee Seed Company, for example, has a number of videos about growing vegetables in containers. Other trusted publications that include good videos on the subject include Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset, and Farmer’s Almanac, to name a few.

Michigan State University Extension has publications on container gardening:

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