Container gardening offers many benefits Home & Garden

It is rare for a garden to be without some containers filled with plants. There are many advantages to container gardening, and a few considerations to keep in mind as well when placing out potted plants.

For an apartment-dwelling gardener, containers are an absolute necessity and mean low maintenance. For others with limited space, entryways, balconies and window sills can be places for container gardening with pots being used not only for ornamentals, but for herbs, small fruits, vegetables and salad crops as well as for small trees.

For the gardener in general, containers can be practical and can be used to enhance the looks of a variety of areas from doorways to patios, to foreground and background portions of beds and borders.

Lompoc resident Al Thompson has been a local gardener for 45 years. His Down to Earth column will appear bimonthly.