Could Finding a Good BANG Get Surprisingly Difficult in Minnesota

First off, if you thought this was going to be sexual it’s not, not even a little bit. However, I promise you, a bang or two is now definitely a part of what I am going to tell you about.

I’ll never forget my first BANGit was about eight years ago, and it was oh so good! Came upon it one morning by chance, on my way to work, when I stopped off at the convenience store. It made me come alive and gave me all the energy I needed to get through the day and it was hard to choose, because there were so many choices. Sorry, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about the energy drink BANG. What were you thinking?

Photo by Megan Zee/TSM

Photo by Megan Zee/TSM

Anyway, you’ve probably seen this energy drink a time or two. It was at its height in 2019 and there have always been LOTS of flavors to choose from. Like Lemon Drop, Purple Haze, Peach Mango, Candy Apple Crisp, Rainbow Unicorn and the flavors go on. It was honestly hard to choose a favorite because I felt I was trying so many different kinds. But alas about two years ago, I found a new flavor they had released, Krazy Key Lime Pie, and I haven’t looked back since.

Granted when I moved to St. Cloud a couple months ago, I found it hard to find my favorite flavor and have been pretty vocal about trying to find it. More on that HERE, when I also discovered they got stopped naming a flavor “Purple Rain” and I don’t think I need to tell you who or what put a stop to that.

But I’m getting off track. More to the point of how good BANG (energy drink) might be harder to find in Minnesota. It all started over the weekend when my younger brother called, and imagine my surprise when he did began informing me that he had just learned Bang Energy was no longer going to be distributed. Say WHAT?!

He said he had just stopped at his usual gas station in Rochester, MN and couldn’t find any of the energy flavors at all, which is rather unusual. So he asked the clerk and they informed him, they were, quote, “going out of business and had filed bankruptcy”, so what they had was sold and no more was going to be restocked.

Which after he said that, it kind of helped to explain my previous 24 hours trying to find any of the energy flavors at all. I thought it a little weird, but figured like everything these days it was just going to take a little longer to get BANG back on the shelves. After hearing that thought, I immediately went into survival mode, knowing I needed to stock up and find my flavor any way I could.

What did I do? I called my mom who happened to be making her way to stay with me for the weekend at that moment, and asked her to stop at a gas station along the way, that I knew would have some of my flavors (hopefully) and grab a few to hold me over until I could find something else.

After she promised she would I also went on a little road trip myself towards Albany and Avon, MN and found a few cans. I know it all seems a little ridiculous, but when you like something, you like something.

But after all that, I got to thinking maybe I should also do a little more research after being in panic mode for a moment. You know how it can be when someone tells you there won’t be any more of your favorite food, drink, snack…or whatever might be something you have strong feelings towards, you want to stock up.

Photo by Megan Zee/TSM

Photo by Megan Zee/TSM

Well, I got home and I began delving into the mystery of Bang Energy to see if there would ever again be my favorite energy drink in Minnesota or anywhere for that matter. I learned a lot. Turns out they had, or the parent company of Bang Energy, Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc (VPX), filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Code more towards the beginning of October.

Not really having known much about the energy drink company, I dig a little more. Apparently in 2020 they had signed with PepsiCo to distribute Bang Energy and things turned sour pretty quickly after signing a contract and as of June this year, that was to all end by the end of October. Hence, why it was probably not being restocked at our favorite spots.

What is going to happen now, for those who have hung on and enjoy a good BANG energy in the morning like me? From what I gathered HERE, they are going to try and power through and try to work themselves out of nearly one BILLION dollars worth of debt and hope to get back to where they were at their 2019 height of profit share among energy drinks, but it looks like it could be a battle.

In the mean time while they work out what they need too and I PRAY they do, mom or AKA Mama Zee came through with tiding me over for a bit and showed up with a whole box:

Photo by Megan Zee/TSM but the BANG energy courtesy of Mama Zee

Photo by Megan Zee/TSM but the BANG energy courtesy of Mama Zee

Because she said that’s what she does for her children when she can. Thanks mom for making sure your daughter has a good one BANG yet for a while 😉😆 As for other Bang Energy drinkers, it does look like it might be surprisingly a little harder to find your BANG in the morning in Minnesota, but here’s to hoping I’m wrong or it’s only temporary.

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