Create a terracotta look with a mixture of paint and baking soda

Happy New Year! Although the ringing in 2022 looked different to many of us than in previous years, I hope you’ve found something special to commemorate.

The new year is about a fresh start. And although this was mostly in the form of cleaning and rinsing for me (as I wrote about it in my previous columns), I was working on a fun-day project this weekend to bring a new look to some of the old pots.

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If you also have an affinity for collecting houseplants, you know how expensive this hobby can be. The price of pots has always been staggering – not to mention the fact that houseplants grow out of their containers quickly and need to be replaced (or more) over their lifetime.

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I usually choose plastic containers, mostly because of the cost. There are other benefits as well – they dry out faster than terracotta and other ceramic pots, which can help prevent root rot. They are also lighter, making it easier to transport and hang on a wall or ceiling.

One pitfall, however, is to create a clean look with them. Some plastic pots fairly mimic their terracotta counterparts, but at the end of the day you can still find that they are plastics. Plus, if you’re like me, keep those suckers in cheap plastic containers for as long as you can.

With textured paint, you can liken any object to terracotta.  These plastic containers are transformed.

Show off a Pinterest painting hack that will save the day. For months, I’ve seen DIY gurus transform glass jars and other frugal finds into ceramics with a simple mixture of acrylic or latex paint and baking soda. This mixture creates a textured paint that can resemble terracotta on any object.

It’s not really my job to pretend to be ceramic from glass for decoration – it’s more real. But it occurred to me that I could use this hack to create a uniform look on all my plants.

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