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Jim Belushi on his farm with stogie. All photos were taken by Tyler Maddow or Whitehorse Prioductions / Discovery.

Jim Belushi loves to smoke cigars. They’ve often seen you get one during scenes in the Disovery series, Belushi’s growth. The second episode of Season 2 falls on Wednesday night.

He would think the cigars would be filled with premium hemp grown at Belushi’s Farm in Medford. They are not. They are Cubans.

This is my first question in our Zoom interview because he’s sitting with a stogie in their hands.

“No, it’s not dull,” Beluishi says with a laugh.

But then he gets serious.

“I didn’t want the show to be a stoner show where you see people constantly climbing up or fooling around. unsuccessful comedies which got there to try to represent our industry, where there were just a lot of burnt out stoners because they thought it was funny. I think it gave the audience a bad taste about our industry. So I wanted to take a more realistic look at the cultivation and cannabis industry. We must not climb when we are working. I didn’t want to find the comedy through this. Except in earlier periods of my career, I don’t drink in front of the cameras. I think there’s a kind of responsibility in that. “

“There’s a lot of chaos in California. I don’t know if I want to go with my brand at all.”

But in Episode 2, he eats cannabis in front of the camera as Guy Fieri visits the farm and makes an infusion of ice cream.

Belushi, 67, recalls that he “showed how to smoke a vape pen and smoked it” in a Season 1 episode in 2020. “It was educational, purposeful and honest. I just want everything about our industry to be kept honest and fair and to show that it’s a real deal, with real testing, with agricultural professionals who really care about crops and consumers, and they are trying to build trust in cannabis. “

A 2.5 mg piece of Bhang or Glazed cannabis chocolate bites down before bed or after a work day “if you have a lot of anxiety.” Belushi especially enjoys the 19% THC Cherry Pie strain. “For me, a punch is like a glass or two of wine. “

Jim Belushi with flowering cannabis plant

In Season 2, we watch Beluishi and his team re-equip the farm with bright greenhouses. The goal is to get 100 pounds ready to ship to Nectar in Portland. The previous few growing seasons were overwhelmed by pests, rain, mold, and nearby forest fires.

“It’s a commodity that goes up and down, depending on the weather, the fire, the bad rain, a lot of mold,” he explains. “It’s agriculture! Two seasons ago, everyone easily lost 35% of their mold. There were big mold problems again this year.”

“The message of all celebrities should be that cannabis is a medicine and a way to heal. That’s the way I go.”

The result was significant fluctuations in wholesale prices. ““This is my second decline,” Belushi notes. “Now there is the congestion and the illegal California market, which is flooding the market with banned self-flowering grass. It has reached its lowest point in six weeks, and now I see it rising a little.”

Belushi is worried that inherited farmers will stop legal cultivation and return to the illegal market.

“There’s a lot of chaos in California,” he grimaces. “I don’t know if I want to go with my brand at all. The profit margin sucks in California. The farmers, the guys, were lured out of the hills of Mendocino and Humboldt counties. Are you sure?” for permission, and now the counties are determining the use of water.Suddenly there are five different organizations on their property that are blocking so much of everything.They have to pay lawyers.They “Fuck it, we’re going back to the illegal market.” this happens.”

At Jim Belushi Greenhouse in Medford (OR).

Belushi pours thousands of dollars on his farm and has no other investor, he says – just him.

“I just have to do what’s in front of me and I have to discover and act,” he says. “As an improvisational actor, our study explores and enhances the moments. What is in front of me and how can we make it bigger, how can we do it? So somehow that led me.”

As a celebrity, Belushi has a greater reach than most who enter the cannabis trade. He thinks he stands out because he’s a grower and not just a famous man who sells pots.

“Snoop and Willie are not producers like me,” Belushi says. “But I think they’re big advocates of cannabis. They have a very deep connection to the plant. Somehow it has to be a doctor for them. They’re like pioneers. But the real pioneers are those who are still in jail for being arrested for three pounds. They are the ones who have to be released from prison because we make a living from it and not very well if we sell it.They go to jail for it.The more celebrities go out, the more it normalizes cannabis as medicine. message should be that cannabis is a drug and a cure route.hat is the journey I take. “

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