Due to the wet, cool summer, fertilizer and groundwater drainage problems arise

This is the season when you can enjoy your garden and the fruits of your spring imagination and work.

The unusually cool and humid weather affected gardeners in Oklahoma in different ways.

Some gardeners report the best vegetable and flower garden in recent years. These are usually people with sandy, well-drained soil, or people who farm light, well-drained soil in a bed or container garden.

Some people express great frustration in their plants and have experienced rot, fruit and vegetable rot, yellow or chlorotic foliage, and other diseases. These are often the result of poorly drained soils and even stagnant water problems that have affected root health and then plant performance.

These problems can even be experienced in a bed or container garden if heavy, poorly drained soils are used, sacrificing one of the main benefits of bedding or container gardening.

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