Flower House offers plants and advice for local gardeners | Business

SPRING CREEK – Looking for something to dress up your front yard, add to your container garden or brighten up your home? The Flower House in Spring Creek might have something for you.

Perennials – Coleus, varieties of Shasta daisies, Russian sage and Colorado yarrow – hanging baskets, geraniums and more are for sale, according to Anne Jelle, who owns the nursery.

Jelle’s joy for gardening began when she was growing up in Colorado.

“I’ve had a love for gardening since I was probably 10 years old. My first garden was a cactus garden that I dug up on the plains of Colorado and planted in my mom’s yard. It just went from there. Animal lover and plant lover all my life.”

In high school, Jelle attended a vocational school for horticulture for two years before working for Bath Landscape Design & Irrigation Co. in Fort Collins, Colorado. She worked her way up from water girl to caring for roses and other plants, and planting sod and trees. “Pretty much did it all,” she said.

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Living in Wyoming, Jelle learned to garden in the “hard environment” of the area after moving out of Colorado.

She and her husband have lived in the Elko/Spring Creek area for about 30 years, and Jelle loves talking about flowers and plants with anyone she meets. About two years ago she decided to start a business.

“It wasn’t until I retired and we moved here and had a clean slate outside, so to speak, I got to do what I really wanted to do,” she said.

They landscaped their property with trees and irrigation, building “a little ecosystem.”

“My husband said, ‘You really should do something with this hobby of yours,'” she recalled. They built their first greenhouse with a kit and now they are constructing a second one.

Equipped with her experience of gardening in high desert landscapes and less-fertile environments, Jelle said she enjoys helping others find ways to “have a nice yard and still not go broke.” She suggests mulching, water-wise plants, zeroscaping, a lot of gravel and rock, less grass and different varieties of trees that thrive in the area that gardeners can use to develop a nice yard.

“I think people come here and they get discouraged,” she said. For first-time gardeners in the area, “start small. Container gardening is also fantastic. You can also put some annuals in there and lots of perennials that will grow in containers. You can do raised beds.”

At her home in Spring Creek, Jelle found her soil is “just rock” and amends it with organic fertilizer and mulch. She believes in watering regularly until the roots are established. “Plant the plants you know are going to be hardy. I try to go for a Zone 4 for my trees just because we could have a 15-20-degree below zero winter, or the wind is really hard on things.”

Jelle has advice for local gardeners on how to mulch, protect plants from a freeze, bed plants for the winter, and more. “There are many important things you need to do to get the plant through the first season, and then you should be OK.”

After two years, she decided to expand with more inventory this year, taking her plants to local farmers’ markets to sell. She said she mostly enjoys advising people how to have success with their home gardens, especially those who had some difficulty maintaining plants this spring due to the windy weather and overnight freezing temperatures.

But Jelle says she loves the challenge. “Every season is different. That’s why I like it.”

“I want people to be encouraged to garden, whether you’re doing it in a container or vegetable gardening,” she explained.

Although Jelle now has a business and has the opportunity to share her experiences with novice and experienced gardeners, she said she still enjoys putting her hands in the dirt and seeing the colors ripple through her front yard.

“I enjoy growing and selling, but I love to put those plants in the ground and watch them grow and enjoy my yard,” she said.

The Flower Shop is open Wednesdays and Saturdays at 879 Willington Drive, and shoppers can call Jelle at 970-744-0533 for a time to stop by.