Food Adventures in Smithton – Smithton Diner

One of the amazing things about Townsquare Media in Sedalia is my staff. Seriously, I’m not kissing them. They are all very nice people and welcomed me. Fortunately, my personality seems to fit well with the mood of our staff. And many of us love spending time with each other and having lunch and are willing to go anywhere where someone is trying out new places.

Our ladies for sale earlier this week, Lori and Aubrey, wanted to go to Smithton Diner for lunch. I’ve never been, so I asked to be tagged. Our new AE Bill has also joined. I’ve always enjoyed such little places and they said the food is good. What was it like? Let me show you.

Classes have been posted and will be closed on Sundays. Mostly breakfast and lunch, except on Fridays. If you like good fish frying, this can be a good place. Fish fry on Friday from 5pm to 8pm. The menu wasn’t too big, click IDE for more details.

Bill was the hungniest and loves good country grilled steaks. So you got the bigger version. It arrived with country sauce, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans and Texas toast. Here, rural sauce was the mainstay, as was green beans. I was able to taste the green beans and it was perfectly seasoned. Not overcooked and not soaked. Maybe a little more crispy steak, but overall very good. The lunch portion of the country friend’s steak is shown in the image below.

Now that I’m going to a place like this, I’d rather order something simple, either a hamburger or a breakfast omelette. I do it on purpose because if a restaurant does the simple things well, the other products will be good too. So I chose the cake melt with bacon and fries. It was served on Texas toast instead of marble rye bread. It was very delicious. Simple, cooked the way I like, crispy fries and a little pickles on the side.

Lori had grilled chicken for lunch. There is a lunch special every day. Once again: nothing trendy, just do it right. Spiced nicely, it tastes good, the sauce is the main role again in the pulp.

I would like to mention a few things about Smithton Diner. First, it was clean, as was the bathroom. There was a small heater in the restroom to keep us warm while using the facilities. The dining room isn’t too big, but when the weather is nicer, there’s plenty of outdoor seating. And homemade pies are also available. I take a slice of cherry pie and eat it back to the station.

I entered as a stranger and am leaving as a friend of the Smithton Diner. The drive was about 15 minutes away and a little further from the road. But good, simple, home-cooked food, cooked well, is always worth the drive. And it won’t break your budget.

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