Garden plots: Last minute gift list for gardeners Out & About

If you have a gardener on your gift list during the holiday season, you’re in luck. Garden accessories are popular in many shops and nurseries.

The Oregon State University Extension Service – County Columbia is available at 503-397-3462.

Here are some last minute gift suggestions for your green thumb family and friends. And I wish all my Garden Plots and Clatskanie Grows the happiest holidays.

• Gift voucher for plants or tools from a favorite nursery, garden center, hardware and / or feed and seed store. There are only days left, so it’s quick and practical. As well as a gift certificate from a favorite seed or fruit tree company.

• Gardener’s log to record planting dates, varieties, successes (and failures) year after year.

• Leather gardening gloves to prevent injuries and cracked, rough skin.

• Elastic, rubberized cotton glove that keeps nails clean and keeps hands dry.

• The ground thermometer is very useful. Such are the moisture meters with ~ 12 inch probes. Both are cheap gifts.

• AQ Knot reusable cable ties are handy for assembling tomatoes or grids. Obtain them from a local hardware store.

• Reusable, cut-to-size velcro rolls that can attach tomatoes, apple sprouts, or other garden plant parts to structures.

• Manual or electric water hose timer. This device can be connected to any tap and automatically shuts off the water after a specified time. Get one or two models from a hardware store.

• With water bubble flow control or other interesting sprinklers.

• High quality pruners or hand pruners to make winter pruning pleasant; Folding jigsaws are great for pruning, but can also be used for camping or with a backpack. Fiskers, Barnel or Corona are good brands.

• Corona Quick Tool Sharpener. Pocket-sized tool for sharpening pruning shears, scissors and blades.

• Well-prepared spade forks (personal favorite) or special hoes and shovels;

• Floating rows are lightweight blankets that can be placed on vegetables to help absorb heat and protect plants. Available in the extension’s office from February to March. Call us.

• Heavier line covers to protect tiles from cold winter weather: At the Extension Office, we now get some at a discounted price.

• The Hori Hori Knife is a transplant knife from Japan that is partly a trowel and partly a knife. It is also suitable for sending snails. This is a great tool.

• The LED headlamp is a handy tool for gardening or searching for naked snails at night (if you tend to do so). If you have close neighbors, alert them to your new hobby. It’s also good to have carpenter ants looking for evidence under his house.

• Lithium battery chainsaws, rod cutters and mowers. There are many new types, and the quality has improved significantly from a few years ago. They work well for everyday users of such devices and do not pose the same maintenance challenges as the gas-powered versions.

• Insect, fungus, weed or native plant identification book.

• Lightweight hand tools for gardeners with arthritis.

• Long spout irrigation tank for easy care of houseplants.

• Always use sharp garden shears to cut herbs and flowers.

• Large, rugged garden trolley for transporting tools and soil repairs on the go.

• Knee pads or garden stools to reduce weeds and low workload.

• Heavy apron with pockets to keep garden tools on hand or a caddy with pockets for the garden bucket.

• Hang aluminum plant labels (write on them with a pencil) or attach them to woody plants.

• The OSU Extension Office has completely reopened. Inside, the mask is still mandatory.

• Donate products and / or money to the food bank, senior centers, or community meal programs. Appreciated.

• The Extension Service offers its programs and materials equally to all people.

If you have any questions about any of the above topics, or have questions about other home gardens and / or farms, please contact Chip Bubl, the Oregon State University Extension Office in St. Helens at 503-397-3462 or chip.bubl@oregonstate .edu. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Oregon State University Extension Office in Colum-bia publishes a monthly newsletter on gardening and farming topics (called County Living) that you actually wrote / edited. All you have to do is request it and we will send it to you by post or email. Call 503-397-3462 to be added to the list. Alternatively, you can find it on the web at and click on the newsletters.

Many extension publications are available online

Do you put up salsa, save seeds, or are you thinking of planting vines? Many OSU publications are available for free download. Just go to Click on the publications and start exploring.

  • Oregon State University Extension Service – County Columbia
  • 505 N. Columbia River Highway St. Helens, OR 97051
  • 503-397-3462


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