Get creative and enjoy the outdoors with these crafts

Flower planter

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to make fun craft projects that will boost the look of your garden or outdoor area. A simple idea that is also planet friendly is to turn an old galvanized tub, wheelbarrow or mailbox into a plantation. Be sure to place drains at the bottom of the tub to allow excess water to drain after watering.

Old Salt Farm gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create a washbasin planter that’s perfect for storing a bunch of beautiful flowers or even an herb garden!

You can also make colorful hanging flower plantations by recycling, painting, and threading the rope or twine through empty plastic containers. Hanging plantations toss up the porch, the back deck, or even a tree branch in the yard. Get instructions from Hello Glow.

DIY birdhouse or bird feeder

The birds lend visual and audible beauty to the yard and the creation of a cute birdhouse provides them with an eye-catching place to sit when they visit. The construction of the basic aviary is not very complicated and they are available in all kinds of designs. The DIY aviary is also fun for a friend, neighbor or family member.

The adorable DIY teapot in Robin’s Nesting Place is made of a dresser!

If you don’t want to build your own, painting a prefabricated or unfinished birdhouse is another craft you can do outdoors, on a patio or picnic table. In addition, painting is good for focusing and eye-hand coordination.


Watching the sunshine through a sun catcher is a wonderful way to appreciate nature and the gift of sunshine and it’s easy to make your own! 100 Directions shares a simple DIY sunscreen project made with wide masonry glass rings, color sheets, olive oil, glue and twine. You can use any coloring book page and color them with your favorites. This craft uses watercolor paints, but you can also use crayons or markers.

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Rock and pine cone painting

Painting rocks and pine cones is a simple craft that allows you to stretch your creativity in multiple directions. For example, you can paint a large rock in a solid base color and add a word like “Garden” or “Welcome” and use it as a garden stone. You can paint the smaller rocks in different colors and then place them in a transparent mason jar to be the centerpiece of a nice picnic table. Favecrafts has an example of DIY garden stones that look like vegetables.

Pine cones are also popular decorative items and are easy to paint. Some florists even pay for a bag of them to use in wreaths and flower arrangements. On special occasions or holidays, dust them with glitter to make an extra shine on your table or cloak.

Mason Jar Tealight holder

Candles highlight indoor and outdoor spaces, and you can use mason jars to make tealight holders to showcase them! To begin, paint the pan any color. Cheerful summer shades are vibrant – such as orange, lime green, yellow and teal. Cheap Eats & Thrifty Crafts provides a simple guide to this craft, which requires a 16-wire wire that can serve as the foundation for the tealight when placed in the pot. With the finished bottles, you can decorate your outdoor table and even help repel mosquitoes by placing citronella tealights in them.

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Crochet craft

If you love to crochet, nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the deck, sipping tea, and whipping up a new piece. Favecrafts pink grapefruit dishcloths have cheerful colors that you can use indoors and outdoors. You can make summer mats, these pretty patio cushions from Winding Road Crochet, and much more with brightly colored yarn, crochet needles, fun patterns and leisure.

These are just a few of the thousands of summer craft projects you can do outdoors while enjoying the sunshine this season. Happy crafts!

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