Good natured® Partners with plant-based Divvies for sustainable packaging

VANCOUVER, BC, January 25, 2022 / CNW / – Goodwill Products Inc. (the “Company” or “good nature®“) (TSXV: GDNP), North America’s leading plant-based products market, today announced a new partnership with Divvies, which is transforming specialty and major bakery and grocery store channels with vegan-, nut-, dairy- and egg-free delicacies.

Divvies products are shipped in more than 3,000 stores The United States and now it will be packed good nature® BPI certified compostable * packaging. Divvies’ vision is to offer innovative, delicious and healthy snacks that “do you and the planet good” good nature® who brings modern, plant-based food packaging to specialty and major grocery stores.

This business alliance is a win-win partnership between these two like-minded companies who combine their resources and expertise for greater environmental impact. Long-term partnerships are also a fundamental common value between the two good nature® and Divvies and will help both parties reach wider markets. By 2025, nearly a third of total global sales are projected to come from “ecosystems,” in other words, partners working together to develop solutions. **

Mark SandlerPresident of Divvies shared: “We are excited to move to plant-based packaging and good nature® we provide support to implement our value proposition while expanding our customer base and market reach. It is vital for our business to agree with complementary partners that reflect our values ​​and vision. Our relationship with him good nature® it helps us deliver even more positive health and environmental commitments to our customers. “

good nature® CEO Paul Antoniadis commented: “We are a growing company focused on developing and implementing our strategy To North America a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly products. We do this through a partnership with plant-based food innovators such as Divvies to work together to increase our economic and environmental impact. Divvies ’commitment to healthier, eco-friendly dining options that are readily available naturally coincides with our drive to make it easier to switch to plant-based packaging that is better for us and the planet.”

THE good nature® The company profile can be found at

About Good Nature Products Inc.

good nature® he passionately pursues his goal of becoming To North America is a leading eco-friendly product company offering the widest range of eco-friendly options made from plants instead of oil. Our goal is to make the transition to better everyday products easier and more affordable for business owners and consumers.® is made from renewable materials and does not contain hazardous chemicals.

Part of the market for sustainable consumer goods, good nature® offers more than 400 products and services through wholesale and retail channels, including our own e-commerce stores. From plant-based home care products to compostable food containers, bioplastic industrial supplies and medical packaging, we focus on providing a great customer experience. more readily available plant-based products more people as a way to achieve meaningful environmental and social impact.

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About Divvies

Divvies offers freshly baked, gourmet vegan products without peanuts, nuts, milk or eggs. Their mission is to offer delicious, fun food that is safe for those allergic to nuts and dairy products and delicious for everyone. Divvies ’philosophy is that eating should be a shared, inclusive experience.

Founders of Divvies Mark and Lori Sandler they have a child with a life-threatening food allergy, so they have developed their business to offer safe baked goods to other families who are going through a similar nutritional challenge. Divvies has the only dedicated nuts-, milk- and egg-free facilities in the United States. They have recently changed their brand to include completely vegan products as part of their authentic mission and holistic culture. Divvies is the only dedicated nut-, milk- and egg-free facility in the United States. Certified plant-based, NSF-certified, GMO-free.

* Compostable in commercial facilities where such facilities exist
** Source: McKinsey & Company

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