How to build a spooky terrarium (or 2) under $40

Reporter’s Note: This is just a step-by-step guide for a simple spooky do-it-yourself terrarium. There are endless options and combinations beyond those shown here. Pick what you like and do your research — and you can build the spooky terrarium of your dreams.

Halloween is officially two weeks out — meaning spooky season is here in all its glory gory.

As you welcome trick-or-treaters and host costume parties, terrariums are an easy way to add a slight elegance to your horror decor. Plus, beyond the visual appeal they bring, they’re a lot more sustainable than other decorations, and you won’t have to find extra storage space for them once the holiday is over. They’re truly the perfect year-round decoration (that you can either swap the decorations for each holiday or leave as is).