How to grow begonias: fill your garden with sensational color

If you long to fill your garden with a showy splash of summer color, then learning how to grow begonias is essential. With blowsy blooms in every hot shade from soft apricot, sunshine yellow, pink through to deep crimson, you can fill containers, hanging baskets and borders with a breath-taking display that will only intensify as the season goes on.

Flower shapes vary widely in their complexity and size and include the large, multi-layered ruffles of the ‘Illumination’ series to the single, smaller and undeniably classy bergonia ‘glowing embers’ and ‘firewings pink’. The flowers of begonia semperflorens – aka wax begonia – are much flatter and simpler. Made up of four petals, two big and two smaller with dramatic central stamens these blooms are instantly recognisable.