IBM is finally finding someone willing to buy Watson • The Register

In a letter IBM exported health data and analytics tools from Watson Health’s business, and private equity firm Francisco Partners transferred about $ 1 billion for the privilege.

The acquisition is “a clear next step as IBM focuses even more on our platform-based hybrid cloud and AI strategy,” Tom Rosamilia, vice president of IBM Software, told Newswire. Bloomberg. “IBM remains committed to Watson, our broader AI business, and the customers and partners we support in healthcare IT.”

Launched in 2015, IBM Watson Health was unable to make a profit despite the company spending $ 4 billion on acquisitions to expand its business and capabilities.

IBM has been trying to push back Watson Health for a while after struggling to sign hospitals as clients.

Do algorithms improve the abilities of poker players, but do they ruin the game?

Professional poker players are increasingly consulting with specialized poker software to increase their chances of winning, but some believe this has made the game less fun and encourages online cheating.

Available for $ 249, PioSOLVER allows players to re-create game scenarios and calculate the optimal strategy to play based on the cards available. Some professional poker players that a New York Times, use the software to replay the game to see if their cards have been played correctly, and others will launch PioSOLVER to learn and memorize new strategies.

Poker is the most solved problem in computing. The Libratus, an artificial intelligence model, defeated the best players in a no-limit heads-up no-limit Texas tournament in 2017. At the time, Tuomas Sandholm, one of the creators of Libratus, said people were unlikely to be able to run complex software fraudulently. . However, some claim that PioSOLVER is now helping the average poker player win.

It is not clear whether PioSOLVER relies on similar machine learning techniques as Libratus, as little information is available on the algorithms it uses.

Doug Polk, a renowned semi-retired poker player, said, “I feel like it killed the soul of the game a little bit.” Instead of “who can be the most creative problem solver,” the game is the one that can remember and apply most things.

However, PioSOLVER creator Piotrek Lopusiewicz said similar poker solutions have been available for some time and his software is just the latest development in the field.

Hire a robot for less than the cost of human labor

There is a robot that presses metal to make hinges or locks, for example, and it is cheaper to hire than human workers.

It was built by a company called Formic, the machine is roughly a single long mechanical arm. Its job is to pick up and press pieces of metal for molding. You can work uninterrupted for your employer, Polar Hardware Manufacturing, and it costs about $ 8 an hour, which is less than the $ 15 minimum wage in Chicago. Wired first reported.

Companies like Formic help industrial factories recruit robot workers without having to pay for the entire machine. Instead, customers can hire the company’s metal arms to perform simple, repetitive tasks whenever they want. It’s cheaper and you don’t have to mess with things like software or maintenance.

“Anything that can help reduce the number of workers or the need for labor is clearly a plus in this particular period,” said Steve Chmura, chief operating officer of Georgia Nut, a confectionery company in Illinois that also hires robots from Formic. Chmura was able to deal with robot workers at the time of the epidemic; these machines can take control if employees resign or become ill. ®

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