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Tyears ago most people didn’t really start screaming. 2022 seems more like a friend of mine put it: “2020 – the trilogy”. No matter how hungry we are for change, many of us have no energy for big, overwhelming shifts; and even if we did, it is entirely possible that the world will have other plans.

So, what little things can we do to make ourselves feel better now? In January of this year, Guardian Australia staff and contributors embarked on a month of easy prizes – sharing the small discoveries and changes that have improved their lives. There were those who gave it back, some who took a break, and some involved a personal administrator – because if you just had to achieve something, anything, you could always turn to paperwork.

If you want to start somewhere, look at this as an incremental, good-feeling laundry list. Try one or try a variety of things – anything you find easy.

Give yourself a break

1. Do yourself something nice in the morning for the first time. Whether your happiness looks like a bubble bath, a good book, a run, or a video game, take this first step after waking up, even if only for five minutes.

2. Lovers of chronic people, listen to this: write a to-do list. If you find yourself trapped in a commitment that makes you hate it, write it down. Keeping the list will help you not forget to say no next time.

3. Dress like a seven year old. It’s fun, it saves you from the torments of fashion, and no one knows what to wear now anyway.

Improve your health and well-being

4. Extend your commute. If you get off the bus a stop or two earlier, it will definitely increase the number of steps and maybe your mood.

5. Do you want to reduce your drinking? Introduction of non-alcoholic days. A strict rule is that when you can’t drink, it calms the body and makes you more attentive on the days when you pamper yourself.

6. Remember the caffeine quarter has a lifespan of 10 to 12 hours and stop drinking after noon. Drinking coffee and tea in the afternoon will change problem sleepers. And if you’re really lucky, you can even replace the afternoon picnic with a nap in the afternoon.

Small exercises such as stretching before bed or pelvic floor routines can make a big difference. Illustration of Guardian Design

7. Bake until the kettle is boiling. For men and women, a strong pelvic floor is the basis for all bodily functions (including fun functions such as orgasm). Make sure you incorporate a few minutes of exercise into your existing routine – you can do them anywhere.

8. If you have problems such as acne, dryness or redness, treat your skin as it is – the largest organ in your body – and ask your doctor for help. A scientifically based skin care plan can include one or two scenarios, but in the long run it is more effective (and perhaps cheaper) than wanting to experiment unintentionally at the cosmetic counter.

9. You don’t have to sit still to meditate. Like pelvic floor exercises, meditation can be incorporated into all kinds of daily activities. “Giving awareness and concentration to something to recognize its causes and effects is meditation,” writes Bertin Huynh.

10. Cool without training. Some stretching or exercise exercises will be helpful at any time of the day, but they are especially good before going to bed.

11. Speaking of night routines, read for six minutes before going to bed.

One-and-one wins

12. Negotiate an invoice again. One would think that loyalty is a rewarding property, but as far as utility, insurance and other regular bills are concerned, it can be costly. Contact your service provider and call.

Illustration depicting a telephone and a four-leaf clover
With each instruction from the soft-spoken Irish Siri, you may feel your cortisol levels drop. Illustration of Guardian Design

13. For immediate reduction of stress levels, switch Sirie to the voice of an Irish man. It just sounds a lot nicer.

14. It’s a little painful at first, but the rewards still exist: set up a password manager. You’ll never have to remember a bunch of random passwords again – or worse, use the same thing for everything.

15. Consolidate your pension. It takes less than five minutes and you can retire more comfortably.

16. Keep your memories a secret archive your social media history. It allows you to hide anything from prying eyes while still keeping a copy of your own records.

Culinary results

17. Buy an imperfect product. It may not look so cute, but it’s cheaper, better for the planet, and tastes the same.

18. If your chamber causes panic, empty per shelf. A tidy and crowded fridge or store cabinet will make your life more enjoyable, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all at once.

19. Learn how to make chili oil. It basically goes for everything.

Calendar with meals every day
You can save time in the kitchen and in the supermarket by planning your meal, gardening and writing recipes. Illustration of Guardian Design

20. As long as you do this, learn to make a song. Healthy, light and well-frozen – making a pot tonight a gift for your future self.

21. Plant an edible garden. Nothing tastes better than the food you grow yourself and you only have to eat with it for five minutes a day.

22. Instead of desperately guggling about what to cook for dinner every night, keep a written copy of your favorite recipes in the file.

23. Or get even further ahead and meal plan in front of you to go shopping. It prevents the strange situation where your chamber is “full of food at once nélkül without the ingredients needed for a decent meal”.

It saves time (and money)

24. If you have a coin holder that is really full, create an aggregate savings account.

25. Find a good tailor. Your clothes will look better because they stand better and last longer because they will repair if they break.

Illustration depicting winged emails
A disposable email account can help you avoid a flood of unwanted offers every morning. Illustration of Guardian Design

26. You cannot scroll without reason what you cannot open: delete social media apps from your phone.

27. Set up a disposable email. Instead of climbing the tip of the unsubscribe buttons, if you use a different email address for commercial transactions, you’ll never have to deal with the resulting spam.

28. Keep yourself organized the old way and use a frills-free, lo-fi notebook.

Please reconnect and give it back

An illustration of someone donating blood
Blood donation is a straight path to change. Illustration of Guardian Design

29. Contact an old friend. The weird period of survival is a good time to get in touch – don’t worry if you have an email debt or missed your last birthday, they probably feel the same way.

30. Help someone directly with something their body is making for free, with blood donation. How can you save three lives in 10 minutes?

31. Make a monthly charity donation. Automating your charity is quick, easy, and better for your charity because their cash flow is more predictable.

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