My truck got stuck and the engine was probably damaged

It started like any normal post-snowstorm morning in Maine. He tossed the old Bean boots, a pair of Cah-Hahts, and climbed into the cab of the 1-ton Cummins to shift the snow.

Although you don’t intend to drive too much up, just so you can go out and have some fun in the truck without having to work too hard, you know? Well, one of the places you intend is high on top of Augusta’s ‘Bolton Hill’ and that’s 92 Moose Transmitting Station.

You can see our beautiful 300 ‘tower for miles as it stands on one of the tallest lands in the region. Well, if there is a technical problem in the winter, our crew should have access to it. So I plan the access road for the company.

Yesterday, while I was up, I literally moved snowdrops, bumping into a glistening ice as I retreated, and slid off the sidewalk into the ditch. Oops.


It doesn’t look so bad, but I can assure you that the passenger side tires will sit with a three and a half meter drop. Apparently, as usual, I called my buddy, Joey Bearce, and begged for a favor. Once we got there, we decided we needed to cut down some trees that were stuck to the side of my door.


After finishing the landscaping, he tried to pull it out. It was immediately forbidden because of how much ice there was on the ground. His truck simply couldn’t get traction. And my 3500 with the plow is a few pounds.


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