Out of 17 plantation boxes worth talking about around the house

Spring planting is a balm after a long winter, so it’s no wonder many homeowners these days are ready to give foliage in and out of their homes.

However, buying new planters can be costly – and choosing a local nursery can be quite tedious. The repair? Get creative with planters using existing containers around your house!

“It’s great to recycle unusual seed drills to give them new life so they don’t end up in the trash,” he says Chris Lambton, a professional green thumb and co-host of HGTV’s “Going Yard”.

When selecting the tank, keep the drainage in mind.

“Whatever planting machine you make, holes need to be drilled to keep the plantations from getting wet,” he says. Emma Lam, owner and lead designer of A Small Green Space.

Impermeable ceramics and metals should be layered on the bottom with small stones to hold excess water.

For inspiration, here are some really practical flower holder ideas made from household items.

1. Beer can planters

Lambton saves unique beer cans for planting succulents, so look for nice pots among the outgoing recyclable materials. Simply remove the top with a can opener, add a few pebbles of earth to help drain, and then add your favorite greens into it. Succulents are easy to choose because they hardly need water. (Only spray the soil when it is very dry.)

2. Coffee mugs

Who doesn’t have 15 extra coffee mugs in their closet? The planting method used for beer cans also applies to mugs. (Add small pebbles or gravel to the bottom, then a layer of dirt.)

3. Rubber boots

Lam is a big fan of rain boots as a cute flower holder.

“You can also try old plastic toys like trucks or dinosaurs, a couple of Crocs, or anything you want to keep a little more from your child’s childhood,” she says.

4. Television

Turn an old TV into a vegetable paradise.

(planter_me / Instagram)

What’s in the tube tonight? Well, this is the new show about cacti and their struggle for survival on an old style TV! Perfect plant terrarium as long as you add a little growth lamp.

5. Car

Do you have a jalopy that you just can’t get rid of? A very smart succulent lover made good use of the front and rear of this car – and didn’t even miss the headlights! #cargardensforthewin!

6. WC

So an old washroom won’t suit everyone’s taste, but for the special man whose appearance is okay, this porcelain throne is worth the money. It is easy to plant, has two comfortable compartments, and the weather elements (sun, rain, wind) leave no trace.

7. Sieve

Honestly, it’s ingenious to use a sieve as a flower holder, as the drain is built-in directly. You know there are four of them in the drawers for pots and pans, so dig out one and shine on the picnic table. season.

8. Piano

Your child has long since stopped taking piano lessons, and this bulky keyboard instrument has been dusting ever since. If you’re tired of looking at it at home, here’s a suggestion: Put some plants inside (if you want to keep the inside of the instrument in plastic containers) so you can make a statement worth talking about either inside or outside your home. .

9. Bird cage

A sweet bird cage is given new life with a glossy paint spray coating and a pretty plant. Hang yours on a shepherd’s hook or tie it to a tree branch with twine.

10. Old soccer balls

Old sports equipment is quickly turned into a planter by cutting off the top third and then piercing a few drainage holes at the bottom. Add additional holes at the edge to secure the rope for easy hanging.

11. Shoe rack above the door

These shoe pockets are the perfect size for small plants, and when the organizer is full, you can hang a green wall on the side of your patio or garage.

12. Old tires

Raised beds made from used tires mean that these tire circuits do not end up in the junkyard and do not burn, which in turn keeps toxins out of the air. Use it today and help save the planet, one tire at a time!

13. Baskets

As with sieves, the loose weaving of old baskets makes planting easier. Still, since every time you hydrate your basket, dirty water will pour in, it may be worth lining with plastic. Drill holes in this layer and the deck will be cleaner each time you water.

14. Tree trunks

Are you familiar with the saw? You will also need a spool or drill to create drainage holes that move away from the main planting site. You can even continue the design and create a stump made from an old log, bark and wooden garden. (Who knew?)

15. Bicycles

Whimsical and sweet, an old bike is easy to fill as a planter and can be placed anywhere in the garden where the sun shines best.

16. Canoe or boat

Coastal residents and any homeowner who loves water dig a canoe container for flowers or vegetables. You can toss this great planter by painting your last name on the side of the boat.

17. Wheelbarrow

Wagons, tea carts, or anything with a wheel create an elegant-looking planter that makes it fun to move around the yard. Fill it with spring pansies and park near your mailbox – then switch to moms and ornamental cabbage in the fall.

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