Property expert shares features to avoid that make homes look ‘cheap and undesirable’

There are a lot of styles and trends to choose from when thinking about the direction you want to take with the interior design in your home. And of course, a lot of it is subjective, depending on your own taste, style and personality – as the saying goes, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. However there are certain decor pieces that most interior experts will agree are best avoided if you’re interested in your home looking aesthetically pleasing, on-trend and expert-approved.

The housing market has been extremely competitive in recent years which pushes a lot of homeowners to start looking into the smallest details which could be decreasing their house’s value. Property expert Katrin Mitkova from online estate agent House Sales Direct has exclusively shared with some of the “biggest mistakes people should avoid which make their homes appear cheaper and undesirable”.

According to Katrin, one of the “most common” reasons why a house may appear inexpensive is because there is too much clutter lying around.

She said: “No matter how many interior design magazines you have read or how many expert tips you have incorporated, if your place appears too crowded and cluttered, it will instantly give it that cheap and undesirable feel.”

The property pro also highlighted the importance of updating “outdated” lighting. She said: “The importance of lighting for any home cannot be stressed enough by interior designers. Outdated lighting features can really bring down a house’s value and instantly make it look cheap.

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The property guru claimed exposed washing machines are a “big no” when it comes to improving the aesthetics of your home. She said: “As normal as washing machines are for every household, having them exposed and in your kitchen is a big no when it comes to making your home appear more luxurious.

“Some people tend to hide theirs in a separate laundry room or a closet, so having them out there in the open space gives the impression that you might not have the space to hide it, and therefore making your house a little less attractive to potential buyers.”

According to Katrin, creased bed sheets are one of the “main reasons” why a bedroom can appear “undesirable”. She said: “Ironing can be a rather daunting chore for many, but the creased bed sheet look is one of the main reasons why a bedroom may become undesirable.

“There are numerous smart tricks which can help you flatten the creases without an iron, so it is simply unacceptable not to look after them.”

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Kelly Collins, Interior Designer and Creative Lead, Swyft Home also spoke to on interior features to avoid in homes for those going for the expensive aesthetic.

She said: “There are some very simple tricks which I always keep in mind to avoid making a room or home look cheap or undesirable. Firstly, colors are really important and can be hard to do right, especially for feature walls and wallpaper.

“I’d recommend avoiding green, teal or anything too bright. Likewise hot pink can be popular and great but it is also very hard to do right so i’d avoid any colors like this if you are not confident.

“I’d recommend choosing warm tones if you are unsure about what color to choose – there are some incredible beige or dark cream tones available which add variety but also help make a room feel highly designed.”

When homeowners are choosing accessories for their property, Kelly advised avoiding using just two colors which match throughout the room. She said: “Instead choose three or four colors which complement each other and can be used throughout accessories, walls and interiors.

“If you are unsure about how to decorate, it’s normally best to keep your accessories to a minimum and make sure those you choose are of a high quality. Keep prints and artwork to a minimum too as they can quickly change the tone and style of a room.”

When deciding what furniture to get, Kelly claimed that the “best piece of advice” is to avoid a bad quality sofa which is mass produced and made without care. She explained that it is easy to spot a cheap sofa and “it brings the entire style of the room down”. It’s worth spending time to find out where your sofa is made and how long it will last.

Fabric quality is also really important. The interior designer said: “Make sure your sofa has at least a 25,000 rub count (or Martindale) which helps indicate that the fabric is top quality and long lasting.”