Proven Winner’s Eco+ Grande Pots has changed the gardening game

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No longer will trays of flower transplants create a mess, a sore back from picking them up and cluttering the garden shed with thoughts of future use. Thanks to the Eco+ Grande Pots that caught most of us by surprise at the garden center this year we can now simply pull four tabs and plant them and the pot in the hole, a true ecological wonder.

Son James alerted me to the fact that racks of beautiful bedding plants were showing up for sale and on display at the major garden centers, and what did I know about these new plantable Eco+ Grande containers? My first thought was why doesn’t The Garden Guy already know about this?

This Eco+ Grande container of Angelface Super White angelonia has had the four tabs removed and placed in the planting hole.  Removing the tabs is a must to give roots proper contact with soil.

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It was several hours before I could get to the garden center to check them out. When I arrived, every plant had been sold. How could this be? Did the customers know they were buying the latest in science, technology and environmentally friendly containers or was it the beautiful flowers? Unbelievably, this scenario was repeated twice before we both got out hands on some bedding plants in these new pots.