Refresh your outdoor oasis with these cool plants in your hot gardens

By Lynette L. Walther

As the summer goes by, the heat can make an impact, and not just on people. Heat can also be a problem for garden plants. Warmer and cooler colds, droughts and flash floods all seem to be commonplace these days as everyone begins to overcome and become aware of the challenges of climate change.

Whether you believe it is real or not, our weather is warming, hence climate change. While this doesn’t always indicate warm temperatures, it does affect the weather enough to make wild fluctuations an integral part of what we’re experiencing right now.

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It’s time to make things easier by choosing durable plants that are a good fit for your home. First of all, we want to choose the right plant for the right place. Let’s take a look at some plants suitable for this area that can withstand heat and a little drought or humidity.

Many now want to regenerate and beautify annual plantations or sunny beds. If you’re looking for plants that can withstand the heat, here are some new varieties of 10 hard plants (annual and perennial) from Proven Winners that should be on the gardening radar:


For many, caladium is the basic summer foliage plant, definitely a “southern thing”. But it’s time to take a look back at these favorites with a new caladium, Heart to Heart. Use it to conjure up a splash of tropics in any garden.

Unlike traditional shadow caladies, Heart to Heart handles the whole day as easily as shadow. Just make sure the soil is moist. There are 20 different options, you can choose from a wide range of colors, sizes and leaf shapes. Come down, lift, dry and store the tubers for next year.

Unlike traditional shadow caladies, Heart to Heart handles the whole day as easily as shadow.


Called the Egyptian star flower, the pentas have a new group of newcomers: Sunstar. These new pentas boast extremely large bunches of flowers that are almost as large as the hydrangea flowering on top of well-branched plants. You can expect excellent summer durability, which can withstand high heat and humidity, and makes ideal bedding and container plants.

These medium-sized plants are excellent for planting in the middle of beds and can be thrillers and / or fillers in combination seed drills. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds are all attracted to brightly colored flowers that provide additional color and movement.

Sunstar pentas are available in four colors: red, rose, pink and lavender. These plants, which can be perennials in this area, are grown in full sunlight.

Sunstar pentas boast extremely large bunches of flowers that are nearly the size of a hydrangea flower.


This Australian native annual, also known as a fan flower, is as hard as they come. Fanflowers have been grown in North America for about 25 years, but the varieties available have long rarely bloomed and had long, clumsy branches.

Enter Whirlwind, a sophisticated, colorful flower full of flowers. The plants have a beautiful shape. They love the heat, don’t mind low humidity or moderate drought, and don’t need a lot of plant food to thrive. Look for Whirlwind Starlight with blue and white two-tone flowers and the pollinators will be grateful. It grows all day.

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