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Verbena copes anywhere in the garden during the hottest days of summer. They are known to withstand hot, dry conditions, and many new hybrids have been bred for just that situation.

The verbena is a member of the family Verbenaceae, characterized by flower bunches or thorns on heat-loving herbs, shrubs, trees, or vines. Other members of the family include lemongrass, lantana, porterweed (Stachytarpheta spp.) And sandpaper grapes (Petrea volubilis).

While verbena was used as a medicinal and sacred plant in ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek civilizations, it is now valued for its ornamental value. There are many types and habits, including standing and tall, as well as hilly and hopping. Some verbena can also be a great ground cover.

The annual varieties to be searched for include the Aztec series, which has large bunches of bright flowers that provide an eye-catching look in containers, beds and hanging baskets. It blooms freely on a convex plant in warmth and humidity.

Empress series, which includes both descending and semi-descending verbena types, with eye-catching floral colors that are compact from 8 to 10 inches high but can be up to 18 inches wide.

EnduraScape Pink Bicolor is the 2017 winner of All-America Selections. This strong and spreading, long-flowering plant can be considered a hardy annual plant because it feels good in the heat and can withstand some cold.

And Firehouse Purple Fizz performs well in a number of university flower rehearsals. This beautiful, stacked habitus of medium-strength purple and white two-tone verbena is perfect for hanging baskets and landscapes.

This variety and the other varieties in the Firehouse series have excellent powdery mildew tolerance and long-lasting summer flowering.

Lanai has different color patterns that remain strong and stable (and resistant to powdery mildew) during the growing season. The Lanai is available in three types: normal, compact and portrait.

The Twister series is popular for its unique tricolor blooms and long flowering periods. And the Obsession series is known for its bold colors and twisted pattern, and is one of the few verbena still available from the core.

Superbena Imperial Blue is a new variety on the market with an attractive and truly unique blue color on large flowers. This Superbena boasts exceptional branching based on an orderly, manageable habit.

Hard as nails and continues to bloom in late summer. In addition, the Beats series is a fun new compact verbena. Purple + White is a two-tone flower that is a great choice for small patio pots and tableware as it retains its eye-catching hill of color throughout the summer.

Temari stems form a series of broad-leaved verbena that form strong branches that quickly form colored mounds through large, bold flowering.

Tapien, on the other hand, is a series of fine-leaf verbena known for its propagation habit and good cold and heat resistance, as well as its resistance to mold. Tapen is an excellent ground cover plant and is in constant bloom.

The up-curved custom of Tuscany, which also comes from seeds, is perfect for small to medium-sized tanks. The great flowering and sunny colors give the garden a lively interest.

Cake Pops is fun and functional. These verbs have cute spherical flowers and are not rinsed out. Cake Pops is available in two pleasant, soft colors: pink and purple.

And Homestead Purple has been around for more than two decades. It is best known for its determination to keep it blooming throughout the summer, and 7-11. zone perennial plant. Excellent drought tolerant ground cover. Homestead Hot Pink is a new color and promises to deliver the same performance in a vibrant new shade.

Verbena Home Gardening Tips: While the verbena seed is available, many of the newer varieties with the desired properties reproduce vegetatively and can be found as a young plant in the spring at your local garden retailer.

Verbena looks best when the ground is moist but not wet as it doesn’t like soaked feet. If the culture medium dries too much, it may cause flushing. Flushing is commonly referred to as discoloration, when the plant loses its flowering but remains green and leafy.

In addition, verbena plants should be placed in sunny locations and provided with at least six hours of direct light. Most species perform well in soil or landscape. They can also be placed in hanging baskets and terrace containers.

In the case of compact-growing verbena, they work best in pots and do not have the root strength needed for garden beds. For prolonged flowering, by cutting or peeling off the dead flower heads of dead verbena.

Powdery mildew is an unfortunate phenomenon in some verbena. The best practice is to look for newer varieties that have built-in resistance. If it appears (appears as white flaky fungal spots on the leaves or stems), treat it with neem spray or your favorite fungicide.

Early catching of this mold is the best solution as this disease can spread quickly and its fungus blocks sunlight in the plant’s food system so the plant cannot produce food which will ultimately lead to the destruction of the plant.

Gardening with verbena can throw up landscape design and give texture and color to patio containers. You will appreciate their colorful branches and how well they match the other flowers in the garden.

Verbena is an excellent choice for any plant lover with gardening abilities.

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