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Here is the Beautiful houseWe are fortunate to be surrounded by the latest and greatest looks, trends, inspirations, news and innovative products in our home. That’s exciting, of course, but let’s not be mistaken – we’re just as picked up by great decor theft or finding a viral gadget as anyone else. And like everyone else, we found treasures on Amazon.

With a “add to cart” button and two days to ship, online impulse shopping is waiting outside the door and it feels like a kid on Christmas morning. But the balance is delicate – it’s just as likely that your life will change for the better as you will be disappointed that another (let’s be honest) junk is crowding your home.

To make life better, our interior design editors taste their favorite home products of all time on Amazon. If we really like something, you can trust it, which means we’ve compared it to the multitude of products we’ve seen or tried before. And given the profession, of course, we have a hard time keeping this good news a secret. Just think of lifeguards for small spaces (since many of our team live in NYC), perfect work at home, organization tools inspired by TikTok, surprisingly stylish furniture, game-changing cleaners, and more. Read on and top up your cart accordingly!

Bamboo plastic cutlery, set of 20

“I’m obsessed with this counterfeit bamboo cutlery set – I’ve bought some sets for an outdoor dinner and I’ve used them regularly ever since. They look like a wooden cutlery, but they’re durable and dishwasher safe. Plus you can’t beat the price!”

– Hadley Keller, Digital Director

Large food storage tanks, set of 4

“I renovated my kitchen two years ago and promised myself to keep my food in order ever since. I invested in these containers so that every cabinet, pantry and drawer would be as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. It’s really true that if everything has a place , everything stays in place – and not only do they make my food more neatly organized, they also help my kids help the kitchen and keep track of food when they’re running low. “

– Jo Saltz, Editorial Director

Portable LED table lamp with touch sensor

“I saw some of these touchlights in a restaurant and needed one for the small dining table in my studio apartment. It creates the perfect atmosphere for dinner instead of any other suitable light source.”

– Kelly Allen, assistant editor

Smart Garden 3 – Indoor Herb Garden

“I first bought Click and Grow Smart Garden as a gift for my sister who loves to grow strawberries and tomatoes in her garden. Since she lives in Connecticut, she can’t use her garden in the winter, so she’s the perfect solution. She bought so many great things about her, so I bought my own! mine to grow herbs in my apartment. “

– Nathalie Kirby, Senior Editor, Content Strategy

Mid Century coffee table with storage

“This coffee table is super elegant but functional at the same time. It’s made of solid wood and natural rattan, so it’s great for quality. It’s also perfect for small spaces.”

– Alyssa Fiorentino, Director of Brand Strategy

Mini waffle maker

“I feel like I’ve had a good morning pampering myself with breakfast. This mini waffle maker makes perfect waffles every time and doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter. It’s also available in a variety of colors, which is a great gift!”

Medgina Saint-Elien, co-market editor

Chinoiserie LED table lamp

“I’m separate to everything blue and white, including this Chinoiserie lamp – which costs just $ 68! I already had the intention to turn my bedroom into a blue and white oasis, and this lamp will fit perfectly.”

– Mary Elizabeth Andriotis, co-editor

Polished brass cabinet knobs, set of 10

“I bought these buttons to enhance the look of my daughter’s IKEA dresser. The color is beautiful brushed gold / bronze and they are extremely solid and look good!”

– Jee Lee, art director

Plug-in Sputnik chandelier

“The night I moved to a new place, I realized there was no lamp in my bedroom. I found this retro – inspired chandelier that doesn’t need electrical wiring (plugged directly into the wall!) And really fits perfectly in the cold, but I longed for a pleasant atmosphere. “

– Lindsey Ramsey, Director of Content Management

Artificial tree branches with leaves, set of 4

“I bought this set of branches to put on a shelf behind my living room couch. I needed something tall and they were the perfect height. Good price for such a tall thing and I like the final look!”

– Jee Lee, art director

LED lights with remote control and application control

“Okay, I know they’re weird and probably polar, but I took her to my daughter’s room (8 years old!) And I swear I’ve never seen so much joy in my eyes. They change every color of the rainbow … and even a really soothing fade. I also do things that I can’t get enough of. Plus, they have a really cool setting that changes color to the rhythm of the music, so there’s a dance party in your room every night. “

Jo Saltz, Editorial Director

Caspian Cassie antique pine table

“There’s one such table outside on our balcony, and the teak surface has endured the winter months without having to put it down if it’s raining or snowing. And although it’s technically made for the outdoors, it works very well inside. I’ve just bought a second one in our living room, to put it next to a larger part! ”

– Lindsay Murray, Commercial Director

Refrigerator organizer compartments, set of 8

“Thanks to TikTok, I was obsessed with organizing my kitchen. This set of trash keeps my fridge spotless and imaginative. I can quickly find my favorites (without having to remove everything to get them) and be able to squeeze in more food.”

– Medgina Saint-Elien, co-market editor

Ribbed executive chair

“After going to too many chiropractors, I realized that if I regularly work from home, I can no longer sit in a reclining dining room. Beautiful house This chair was on the list of the best office chairs and I didn’t agree. Very comfortable while not large and bulky (and frankly ugly) like most office chairs. I was also able to take his arms off to fit under my IKEA desk. “

– Lindsey Ramsey, Director of Content Management

Bamboo cutting board with set of 9 dishes

“I admit it was an impulse purchase from a sponsored Instagram, but I don’t mind for a minute. This cutting board makes cooking very easy – it has interchangeable compartments where you can store trash or food, so you can also use it for cleaning and ventilating. “

– Hadley Keller, Digital Director

Modern LED shelf floor lamp

“Since space is sacred in every apartment in New York, the floor lamp with three built-in shelves is music to my ears!”

– Bianca Rodriguez, Commercial Editor

Variable Balans original kneeling chair

“After examining the home office chairs years, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Variable Balans knee chair after trying one at a friend’s apartment. Designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979, the strange little backrest rocker promotes good posture by relieving pressure from the spinal cord. Available in captivating colors, it takes up very little space (perfect for my tiny desk – a large, comfortable office chair just wouldn’t fit!), And honestly a lot of fun to sit on. I’m so ready to put my dining chair back on the dining table! “

– Amanda Clifford, Managing Editor

Edge sink brush with sink holder

“It’s a great thing to say, but this Joseph Joseph sink brush may be one of my favorite stuff I’ve ever ordered from the internet. I bought it when I moved into my apartment a few months ago and found the edge. The other designs are extremely useful as my kitchen ant size and hardly takes up space. I also love the simplicity and functionality of this product. “

– Jaimie Potters, Commercial Content Manager

11×14 gallery frames, set of 5

“These frames were a blessing to my wallet. I love having posters in my room, and this affordable five-frame package allowed me to create a beautiful and cohesive photo wall.”

– Tahsin Rakib Himi, commercial analyst

4-drawer storage tower organizer

“Living in NYC means lack of space and lack of bedside tables, but this organizer made the perfect bedside table for my tiny apartment. It has plenty of storage space in it and allows me to hide my stuff in the drawers!”

– Tahsin Rakib Himi, commercial analyst

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