Shingwauk’s survivors ’funding proposal for the indicated funeral research has stalled

Funders ask why Garden River First Nation, Shingwauk Alumni Association is trying to access the same money

Two proposals have been submitted to Sault Ste. Marie’s surroundings.

While Garden River First Nation recently managed to raise an unnamed amount to start its project as part of a three-year funding commitment from both levels of government, the Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association (CSAA) of Shingwauk Indian Residential School and their families say their own project is currently underway. stopped due to protracted issues from potential funders.

“We’re just trying to resolve with the government why Garden River said it wasn’t part of our proposal,” Irene Barbeau, president of the Shingwauk Alumni Association, said to SooToday in Ottawa on Monday. “Actually, we asked them to join us right from the start, but they refused.

“They never responded to our communication with them.”

The CSAA has already completed the first three phases of its seven-phase plan to search the remains of children who attended boarding school on the site of the former Shingwauk campus on the campus of Algoma University today.

Earthquake research began at the university at the end of September last year, with Norpro Environmental offering its services to a group of survivors free of charge in the initial three phases of the research.

“We’re currently waiting for the final report on the data collection and we haven’t received it yet,” Barbeau said.

When asked about possible overlaps in funding proposals, Barbeau says the CSAA is getting some money as it is a group of bottom-up survivors, independent of the Garden River project.

“Because they’re not part of our proposal, I think they get what they get and we get what we get. It depends on the government if you see it as an overlap or something, ”Barbeau said. “It all puts us in a difficult position because we never thought of such a scenario.

“It just didn’t occur to me that they were going to do something like that.”

Garden River First Nation Ogimaw Andy Rickard says the First Nation community-led project designs and develops community-based support programs that directly affect survivors and intergenerational family survivors.

He also says that Garden River First Nation is part of the Shingwauk Education Trust, which is “a legal entity with responsibility and jurisdiction over our trust lands and a legal obligation to provide for current burial sites and trust areas”.

“Garden River’s top priority has always been to protect its interests and survivors and take time to get things right. I’m not dealing with overlapping interests, it’s ultimately about caring for all survivors, ”Rickard said in an email to SooToday on Monday. “I appreciate the work done so far by organizations like the CSAA. It’s not a competition, and ultimately we hope the two projects continue to reveal a lot of the truth. ”

Meanwhile, the CSAA developed a series of protocols in December on how it will proceed if the group receives the results of the first round of ground radars at the Shingwauk site.

At the next meeting at the end of February, the minutes of the commemoration of the unmarked burials will be discussed if they are ratified. The other phases of soil radar research will continue after the snow recedes.

“As a survivor, my concern is to make the unmarked graves with dignity and respect, no matter who does it,” Barbeau said.

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