Spring Gardening: Planting Tips, Frost Protection and More

Gardening is a year-round delicacy, but spring is special because this is the moment when all the plants in the garden and in the yard are buzzing with excitement.

The next six weeks mark not only the beginning of the growing season, but also the period when the plants are most vulnerable. Fresh growth is gentle and can be damaged by wild swings in March and April. In the mid-Atlantic (and many other parts of the country), Mother Nature can give us an 80-degree explosion, followed by frost and hail. You can’t do much against the damage caused by hail, but there are measures to help your garden survive the weather roller coaster. They also give you the opportunity to go outside to greet and enjoy spring.

You need to get fresh plants, soil mixtures, fertilizers and tools. This can be a concern at a time of coronavirus restrictions, but many horticultural centers, hardware and feed stores mostly operate outdoors. And of course there is a bazaar known as the internet.

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