The 10 most romantic outings in New England

New England – the northeastern region of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont – is known for its fabulous atmosphere, history, natural beauty and the country’s most distinctive seasons. All of this makes it perfect for a romantic getaway.

Within the region, each state boasts its own unique personality and attractions. From Mystic’s maritime heritage to Litchfield’s many antique shops and family farms, Connecticut, founded in 1788, is full of history and charm. Coastal villages such as Kennebunkport, sandy beaches and lobster rolls define the state of Maine Pine Tree – and of course Acadia National Park remains a huge attraction. Massachusetts is a bastion of history and boasts some of the most beautiful coastal destinations on the East Coast, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. New Hampshire is full of attraction, with Lake Winnipesaukee and some amazing ski resorts.

Even in Rhode Island, the tiniest state in the country, there are big-name cities and incredible accommodations like Newport, as well as lesser-known gems like Watch Hill. And finally, Vermont is the epicenter of pastoral attraction with its undulating green scrolls and woods, and the old houses and church spiers embody the charm of New England.

Best time to visit New England

New England embodies the best of all seasons, making the region a dreamy destination all year round. Spring brings a slight time, the flowers open and it still feels calm and quiet in much of New England. In summer, seaside towns, sandy beaches and scenic private boat rentals shine. Autumn is synonymous with romantic covered bridges and changing leaves that are red, orange, and gold. This is one of the most beautiful and temperate periods for hiking or planning a scenic trip. Winter, on the other hand, brings snow cover to many quaint villages and allows for excellent skiing and snowboarding at the many ski resorts. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are also popular pastimes during the colder months. Needless to say, few things are more romantic than by the fire in the company of your sweetheart and a glass of red wine, hot chocolate, or mulled cider.

The cost of a trip to New England

A wide range of price points is available depending on the season and the location of the outing. Do you have a fixed amount for your honeymoon or upcoming vacation? Travel consultant Emily Prentiss suggests being flexible in terms of duration and dates so that the desired destination can be achieved within the available budget. Prices are usually much higher in the summer and even more so on the holiday weekend. As an alternative, you may want to consider an off-season trip to reduce costs. (Just note that some hotels and resorts may close at certain times of the year.)

Get to know the Expert

Emily Prentiss is a New York-based travel consultant and a subsidiary of Valerie Wilson Travel, Virtuoso Agency. With nearly 12 years of experience, Prentiss organizes personalized domestic and international leisure trips.

Of course, in some places the price is always higher. Twin Farm, for example, starts at $ 2,500, but offers the next level of luxury and is completely inclusive. For as little as $ 300 a night, you can book a cozy B&B with plenty of character. On average, you’re probably earning over $ 500 a night for a five-star stay.

It’s also smart to start thinking about the costs of activities and trips. While a pleasant hike is free, we can’t say the same about boat rentals during the peak tourist season. Another detail to keep in mind is that you will need a car for most New England destinations. If you live away by car, this does not apply. But for couples who need to rent a car, it comes at an extra cost. On the other hand, some properties actually have a partnership with Mercedes, BMW and Lexus, so you just “sign and drive” and have the flexibility to explore the surrounding areas for free.

Whether you’re planning a quick weekend or planning a longer honeymoon, the best hotels, resorts and inns await you for a romantic New England getaway.

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