The first big cold of 2022 will reach San Antonio on Wednesday

Prolonged very unpleasant wind chills are expected due to a harsh Arctic cold front that will intrude into San Antonio tonight.

The National Meteorological Service reports that the wind will drop below freezing around midnight on Wednesday and last until noon on Friday.

Most of the Thursday morning wind chill between 16-19 degrees Fahrenheit is expected.

Paul Yura of the National Meteorological Service said the actual temperature would not be below freezing for hours as during the lightning strike last February, but the wind was cooling due to gusts of 30 miles per hour.

Thursday morning, the cold of the wind will make you feel like you are among teenagers in San Antonio. Yura suggested digging out the knitted hats and gloves; wind cooling easily cuts through a layer of clothing.

“Dress in layers, the limbs, legs and head are very, very important, and the hands are very important to cover because most of the heat loss happens in the limbs,” he said. .

The risk of winter mixing in San Antonio is forecast to have waned on Wednesday, but nearby bridges and overpasses continue to be a concern due to icing due to falling rainfall.

Conditions will be even more brutal in the mountains, where the wind can sink even lower. In Fredericksburg and Kerrville, daytime highs aren’t expected to rise much above freezing on Thursday.

There’s a better chance of a light winter mix in San Antonio and South than in North and Austin, Yura said. Exactly where the winter mix will fall is a bit unpredictable, so everyone should take the necessary steps to protect their pets, plants and pipes.

Bring pets and cover or cover exposed taps due to impending hard frost. David Rodriguez, of Texas Agrilife Extension Service, said container plants that can’t be moved indoors should be watered and covered with an old blanket or insulator from an hardware store.

Rodriguez said even with these steps, his plants could be damaged, but it’s still better than the whole thing.

“We have to set it up to try to survive. Yes, the plant could lose some leaves or be destroyed,” Rodriguez said.

Pre-freezing watering of container plants seems counterproductive, but helps insulate their roots.

The freezing point of the cold front is expected to collide with rain lanes from a trough near the border, resulting in frosty rain, but on Wednesday afternoon it was still questionable exactly where over South Texas.

As a precaution, the Texas Department of Transportation will spray saline on roads around San Antonio (South Texas) and Hill Country.

Lax Lopez, a spokesman for TxDOT, said motorists should be careful when approaching bridges and overpasses on Thursday in the event of ice build-up.

“Slow down, watch out for the ice because these bridges and overpasses freeze first,” Lopez said.

After the cold fronts and rainfall, the road conditions in the northern part of the city are generally worse, but with this event it may be worse again in the south.

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