The Most Popular Celebrity Homes

Celebrity homes feel aspirational yet familiar. We use them as inspiration and to see if we share something in common with our favorite stars, whether it be a collection or a color palette. We got a peek at the most popular celebrity homes on Architectural Digest‘s Open Door YouTube series — thanks to stats pulled from Hollywood Hills real estate expertsRubyHome — as well as some of our personal faves. Keep reading to see if your favorite made the list.

The Most Popular Celebrity Homes From Architectural Digest

Wiz Khalifa

The rapper, singer, and songwriter’s home is a place to play as well as live. With enough room for his son to run around, a game room with a pool table, and a balcony to look out over LA, it makes for a relaxing home. Khalifa’s favorite part of the house (ours too) is the recording studio.


Zedd’s home is different than your normal house because he’s split it up into three different sections: work, living, and sleeping. Tall ceilings and glass walls offer lots of natural light all over the house, and a patio outside the master has a table, TV, and fire. Yes, please.

Jessica Alba

This family doesn’t just include Jessica and her kids — they have a family gallery wall full of their ancestors to remind them all where they came from. Plenty of windows and a huge couch make it easy to watch the kids play outside while relaxing with a cup of coffee. The kitchen has natural materials, dark cabinets, and a breakfast nook that’s great for snacking.

Robert Downey Jr.

The MCU star’s home is somewhere we could totally see ourselves living. It’s full of bright colors and lots of lounging space. We love all of the pop artwork the family has around the house, almost as much as we love the fact that the top of the windmill is a workspace.

David Dobrik

This YouTuber’s home features a minimalist color palette, and the details are simple enough that everything in the home feels comfortable. His backyard has a grill, a ping-pong table, and lots of room to mingle with friends, which sounds like the perfect place to host a picnic.

Dakota Johnson

The internet went wild for Dakota Johnson’s earthy home (and green kitchen), and we can’t blame them. The mix of beautiful scenery, and a colorful yet minimalist interior with its old-school aesthetic is jaw-dropping. The piano (and some of the furniture) is vintage, and the large patio is the perfect place for an outdoor dinner party.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall’s home is full of color, luxury, and eye-catching artwork. We love the fact that she left a TV out of the formal living room to focus on conversation. The earthy tones in the furniture allow the art to provide the color, and her movie theater-turned-art studio is a great lesson in identifying what you can let go of in favor of what you really want. It wouldn’t be a Kardashian home without a fitting room and glam room with plenty of her magazine covers.

Aaron Paul

This Idaho home proves that you don’t have to live in a big city to have a beautiful place to live. This cabin is incredibly cozy with its wood and stone materials, but offers plenty of space and natural light so you don’t feel crowded. Using the same print in the curtains, pillows, and wallpaper ties multiple rooms together. The game room has a pool table and books but does not have easily accessible WiFI so that it can be a phone-free zone.

Nicole Scherzinger

Lots of movement and details add dimension since a lot of this home is black and white. The den has some color, which is the perfect place for relaxing and for creativity. Calcutta marble and dark wood elevate this kitchen, and big windows allow you to see the view when you cook. Our favorite piece in the whole house (besides the pink couches in the movie theater)? The big slab of big maple leaf wood for the dining table.

Tommy Hilfiger

This penthouse tour is the thing of our Eloise dreams. Bright red walls feel classic yet bold, and the white couches and dark wood offer a high-contrast look. The space is moody and old school, and it boasts one-of-a-kind details like the French bistro-inspired kitchen and an original sign from the New York Times headquarters. The master bedroom’s coffee bar is perfect for making yourself a latte to sip while you sit on the terrace and look over Central Park.

Other Celebrity Homes We Love From Architectural Digest

Emma Chamberlain

Aside from being the latest celebrity home to break the internet, Emma’s home is very bright and open, and it pairs tons of colors and textures together. Because the base is airy and neutral, it looks very unique without looking too outlandish. Squiggle mirrors, a clothes rack, and shoe shelving unit with a vanity all show off her style, and when she needed something for a functional purpose (like a step stool), she made sure to purchase a version that was also aesthetic so it added to the space.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth’s home is heavily influenced by Georgian style and European homes. Details like tiles and a fireplace in the entryway make it feel more welcoming, and a functional but stylish dining room is both formal and comfortable. Many of the rooms balance a modern and classic feel for an elevated look.

Chloe Bailey

A long entryway and hallway put plenty of distance between Chlöe and the outside world and feature artsy pictures of Chlöe and her sister. Her desk is big enough for all of her music equipment, and when it comes to colors and textures, she mixes shades like dark blue, mustard, and dark wood to give it a moodiness. For a one-of-a-kind take on artwork, she has a gallery wall of film outtakes in matching frames.

Hilary Duff

Duff’s home has plenty of space, plants, and chickens. While each piece is beautiful and arranged well, she doesn’t let that stop her family from really living in the house — there are water rings and scuff marks that show the home has a history. Unique shapes add lots of personality, and with different prints and decor, she’s a great lesson in maximalism.

And Ryan

Classy and minimalist, this New York apartment is exactly what you’d expect And Ryanit’s home to look like, and we’re in love. The attention to detail is intentional, and with a black-and-white base, there’s room for colorful accents and complex designs.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa creates an earthy and minimal yet classy atmosphere with neutral furniture, old-school movie posters, and plenty of candlesticks. Her colorful bedroom contrasts a black bathroom, and with inspiration from Europe and her favorite New York restaurants, you can tell that Vanessa’s space is full of details and mementos that she loves.

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Featured image of Emma Chamberlain’s home used with permission, courtesy of Architectural Digest.

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