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The Upcycled Jars Collection allows people to reduce their glass waste while using as little material as possible. It brings aesthetic and functional objects into everyone’s daily life, simply screwing the tops onto standard jars people already have at home. We created these objects using 3D-printers and recycled bioplastic packaging waste.

For each product, several prototypes were modeled and printed to ensure solidity and good ergonomics.

Design Team

Made by product designers Emilie Durand and Mano Silberzahn.

The Upcycled Jars Collection

The majority of jars can be used for this collection

The Coffee Knockbox

The Self-watering pot

The piggy bank

The incense holder

The paintbrush holder

The pencil pot

The soap holder

The candle holder is a team of four design students and friends. We decided we could have an impact in the world, even at our scale, with our newly created design studio. We decided to use 3D-printing technology, as it has now become budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and produces great quality products. This is how we came up with our name that revolves around the very process of 3D-printing: extrude studio.

For this collection, our wish was to create objects in an ecological manner. Therefore, upcycling existing objects as well as using recycled materials made sense from the start. Upcycling jars means we prevent additional glass production, thus encouraging a more responsible consumption. We thought of objects that were widely used while needing a container. The contrast between fast mass-produced glass and slowly 3D-printed plastic makes up for an interesting duality.

We support sustainable production by 3D-printing the objects locally in the Parisian region out of recycled bioplastic made in Europe from packaging waste. If broken, all tops can be turned into filament spools, or composted in an industrial composter, as they are made from a plant-based material.

Giving access to these objects throughout the world without increasing our carbon footprint was also important to us. This is why about half of our objects are available on Cults3D, a library for 3D files. Indeed, this allows people from all over the world to 3D-print our objects locally.

The Upcycled Jars Collection includes various objects made for your kitchen, office and bathroom.

The self-watering pot

This self-watering pot works with a wick carrying the water up to the soil, so it never dries out. You can use it to grow aromatic plants, such as basil or parsley. This type of pot only works with plants that need a lot of water. We recommend using tall jars, but medium-height jars might suit you as well.

The soap holder

This compact soap holder makes it easier to grasp your soap bar and also collects the dripping water. We recommend using short jars and regular bars of soap of 125g or less.

The paintbrush holder

This paintbrush holder makes it easier to hold up to two paintbrushes while painting. We also added a thin wall to easily drain the excess water when painting. Chose the jar height according to the amount of water you want to use when painting.

The coffee knockbox

This coffee knock box was created to easily empty portafilters when using an espresso machine. Chose the jar height according to the size of your household and your coffee consumption.

The piggy bank

This top allows you to turn any plain jar into a practical and decorative piggy bank. Chose the jar height according to how much money you wish to keep inside.

The candle holder

This candle holder also allows you to store candles to always have some nearby. Any jar height suits these objects, as it depends on how many candles you want to store in it.

The incense holder

This incense holder helps collect the ashes as the incense gets consumed. The circular platform makes sure all ashes get collected. We recommend using short jars.

This collection aims to be developed, so other objects are coming soon to it.

All these objects can be purchased on our website:

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