The vegan chef talks about a plant-based diet in Lyon Township’s library program

When Valerie Wilson decided she was going to be vegan, she became a cold turkey, not a pun.

But while for nearly three decades he has been living a lifestyle that avoids consuming products of animal origin, he does not avoid those who do not.

Wilson, a Western resident and owner of the MacroVal store that deals with macrobiotics, is waiting for everyone to try and experience what a healthier meal can do.

“Once you stop eating (meat and other animal products), it won’t taste good,” Wilson said. “Your taste buds are changing; they really do.

“The misconception is that others think we always condemn them and I would be less interested in what someone else is eating,” he said. “I teach you about healthy, wholesome food. A lot of people think ‘there’s that vegan and they condemn me.’ They think vegans are crazy judgmental people. I don’t care.”

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