West Loth men caught as they crawled in the snow to smash a couple of their cottages

A couple in Armadale break their hearts after pointless vandals broke the PVC handle from Summerhouse with plant pots from their garden.

The couple, who wished to remain anonymous, plowed thousands of pounds into his garden in Armadale.

They say they both work hard for what they have and devote everything they earn to make the garden a beautiful place to spend time.

The husband, who works long hours a week in his taxi, said he was completely shocked to discover the damage, as the new doors were only recently installed after an incident two years ago when people broke into a holiday home to steal alcohol.

In the images, which were shared exclusively with Edinburgh Live, two men were spotted on CCTV at the time of the incident as they entered the bar from the Coaia store on Armadale High Street before entering the couples ’garden.

On Saturday, January 8, around 5:25 a.m., the two men entered the back garden due to a gap in the lane down from Coaia’s.

Neighbors heard for about 40 minutes that they were trying to break into the cottage, but they thought the couple would either get up early or the party would last until class.

The reality was that the males were walking in the back garden to find objects to break down the door handle.

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Eventually, they succeeded after finding a pot in the greenhouse and causing damage that could cost thousands of pounds to repair.

Luckily they couldn’t get in because it just meant the door was locked and couldn’t be opened.

And what’s worse, the couple’s insurance company said that because they are municipal tenants, their building insurance doesn’t cover the damage.

Something that made them feel covered.

One of the alleged perpetrators.
One of the alleged perpetrators.

The couple claims that the tenants of the municipality, due to the nature of their tenancy, are unable to obtain protection for the outdoor buildings and because of this they are rushing their heads about how best to protect their belongings.

The husband said, “We are two hard-working people who put everything in our back garden and home. I work long hours every week and my wife works at the local school to have some fun. Pointless criminal harm here means working until March or April, just to get back to the beginning.

“I don’t understand what makes someone do that. Having someone in our garden for forty minutes suggests he’s not a professional. Trying on the doors for so long would be too risky, so what they did didn’t stand its ground.

“It’s so frustrating that it happens when you work so hard for something. Fortunately, neighbors helped share CCTV, as did funeral contractors and other nearby businesses.

Damage caused by vandals.
Damage caused by vandals.

“Although the police didn’t quite help with the issue after initially sending someone out of forensic experts. We feel abandoned and have to deal with it alone. Next time, do I have to go out to attack the perpetrators so that the police notice it properly?

His wife said, “Because the insurance was not paid, we haven’t slept since Saturday. We could work to fix everything, but if someone comes and does it again, we’ll get back to the original. We have reached the end with it. ”

It is known that a group had a chance to break into the cottage a few years ago and steal several bottles of alcohol, but they left all the electrical equipment and a single melt of the more expensive bottles.

After the incident, the couple spent almost £ 2,000 on new, secure doors to prevent possible burglary in the future.

Overall, the couple claims to have spent thousands tidying up their garden and are afraid that someone will target their property in such a meaningless way.

A spokesman for the Scottish Police said: “On Saturday, 8 January, police were notified of an attempt to break into a property in Hailstones Crescent, Armadale.”


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