What vegetables can I grow in containers?

Q: I live in an apartment but would still like to garden. I have a patio area that gets several hours of sunlight each day. Do you have recommendations for what vegetables do best in containers?

THE: There are many vegetables that do well in containers. Look for varieties that are described as having a “compact growth habit.” For summer vegetables, certain varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and green beans will do well.

If you plan to grow tomatoes in a container, the bush type will typically do better. You also may be able to sneak in a crop of leaf lettuce, radishes or spinach if the temperatures don’t get hot too quickly and you can keep them in the shade so that they don’t “bolt” and get bitter.

Other plants to consider growing are herbs such as basil, thyme, and chives and vining crops such as cucumbers or vine type green beans. Vines can be grown in a large hanging basket or in a larger container, such as an oak barrel, and trained on a trellis.

Cucumbers can thrive in a pot.  In fact, now vegetables and herbs can.

Almost any type of container can be used but make sure that the container has adequate drainage and that it is large enough for the mature size of the plant. If you are planning to grow tomatoes, the container should be at least a 5-gallon size or larger. If you are growing basil or radishes it could be smaller, such as a recycled gallon milk jug with holes in the bottom. Regardless of the container you choose, good drainage is a must. If you are repurposing a container, drill drain holes in the bottom and living off the surface of your patio or pot saucer with boards or other materials to allow the pot to drain well.

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