Wordle decoration

Even if you’re only half-awake to see what the trend is, you’re no doubt aware of Wordle’s daily five-letter pun, with bright yellow, green and gray squares appearing on social media feeds. For those who don’t dedicate part of their day to this game, these colored squares can mean the following: they display correctly guessed letters in the correct order (green), letters that are in the wrong place but somewhere in the word (yellow) ) and letters that do not appear at all (gray).

Made by Josh Wardle In 2013, as a gift from his girlfriend – then polished and unveiled to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic – this simple online word-guessing game enjoys millions of fans. And now it seems to be everywhere: just think of Wordle jewelry, wall protectors, t-shirts, mugs, and more.

So unite your speakers – so you can conjure up your home decor.

Wrap the green, gray and yellow squares of the Wordle game around the morning joe.


The poppy shades of the addictive game may work well at home, as they happen to match the many shades of green that are the colors of the year in 2022.

And even the colors of Pantone 2021 fit nicely with the Wordle craze. Back then, it was Ultimate Gray (the name betrays everything) and Illuminating, which is very cheerful yellow.

“The combination of these colors is quite elegant, especially when we try a glass or ceramic green bowl or vase with lemon or sunflower,” he says. Mona Bavar, interior designer and founder of Dlish.

So if you’re a Wordle fan and want to take your love of the game to the next level by displaying your score in your home, we’ll hear from you – and want to help.

Check out these products to make your home the perfect place to play Wordle.

Throw a pillow

This deep emerald allows you to channel your Wordle victories.


Velvet is a smart choice for winter as it warms up your favorite word player chair with a soft plush.

And velvet will be even better if you make your pillow green to indicate your correct Wordle conjecture. So buy five if you need to match the parameters of the game, or simply insert these green pillows ($ 50, CB2) into your existing decor.

Dinner plates

Put up lunch time with these neon beauties.


Good morning darling! While yellow means you are it’s close according to your conjecture, these sunny plates are still a worthy choice.

The glaze is not only lead-free, but can even be placed in the dishwasher and microwave. And bonus: This tableware ($ 18 each, Amazon) comes with a five-year chip resistance guarantee, which means they’ll look great after years of playing Wordle.


Green for victory – and for your walls


Want to handle your Wordle obsession at home a little more subtly? Then consider this beautiful wallpaper with a dull forest green background and pale yellow leaves.

If you put the stylish wall glue ($ 63 / roll, Wayfair) in the sink – or on a highlighter wall – it still proves your love for the game, but with a softer touch.

“Green gives an excellent hue, while gold works best as an accent,” he notes. Kara Harms, home decorator and lifestyle blogger at Whimsy Soul.


Hide under this cozy yellow square quilt.


The beauty of this bedding lies not only in the fair price or the warmth provided when the temperature drops. Nor is it machine washable.

Instead, we’ve since found you a real Wordle comforter inverts to gray! Gaming fans, of course, mostly show yellow because gray indicates a bad letter – and who needs a reminder to do so? ($ 66, Amazon).

Storage cube

Get organized in style with this smart trash can.

(The Home Depot)

Make it Marie Kondo proud of 2022 and arrange your place.

This good-looking storage cube ($ 7.50, The Home Depot) is suitable for storing toys, shoes, stuffed animals and more. It’s clear and has a handy label window so you can describe a five-letter word that describes the inside.


A tree that should never be watered? Sold!

(Bed Bath & Beyond)

Marco Bizzley, an interior designer and consultant at HouseGrail, loves the light gray sofa, soft yellow wall and green plants for a Wordle-as-decor look.

For the sake of vegetation, this fake ficus placed in a wicker basket is imposing and ready to use – just slide it into place and you’ll already get a green color. Plus, you’re taking part in a new Scandinavian trend known as frluftsliv, which is about bringing nature into your home.

And the leaves don’t fade or fall off this hassle-free genre ($ 80, Bed Bath & Beyond), making it ideal for your home office or living room.


The bustling yellow and beige strikes modern tickets.


Lovers of plants (and Wordle) also need eye-catching containers to display their other home vegetation – and that’s right.

The combination of stoneware and color block design goes beyond this simple pot ($ 16, Amazon) beyond the standard cachepots that can be spotted at the garden center. Although available in navy blue, the mustard hue finds exactly the Wordle ticket you’re looking for.

So you play, Wordle people, in your sanctuaries ready for Wordle.

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